Hypocrite Senator Grassley Mocks Doctors

Last week we heard the Republicans and their fellow travelers claim our President insulted doctors when he mentioned that doctors might choose options based on reimbursement rather than what is best for the patient. Senator Grassley today said the very same thing as an excuse for his double talk about President Obama wanting “death panels” to pull the plug on Grandma! In the video below he now back tracks on his statement concerning “pulling the plug on Grandma” and at the 2:20 mark makes the same remark about doctors that President Obama made. (See Video below)

Yet the Democrats in their masochism continue to strive for “Bipartisanship”. To hell with bipartisanship! Senator Grassley should have educated his constituents when he held his town hall meeting. Instead he continued the Republican Party lies about Universal Health Care being a conspiracy to pull the plug on Grand Ma. Apparently someone has pulled the plug on the blood flow to Senator Grassley’s brain!

Meanwhile I am sure Senator Grassley and his fellow travellers will be very happy to know that according to MSNBC millions of Americans now face shrinking Social Security checks! But then again in we must make our nation safe from Socialist programs like Social Security and Medicare! (See Video Below)

Democrats must realize that the Republicans are attempting to destroy Universal Health Care. Their fellow travellers, so called “Blue Dog Democrats” are growing fearful of loosing their insurance special interest contributions! When will Progressives stand up and fight back?

We need to kick some Republican butt and give these Blue Dog Democrats some testosterone to stand up for the Middle Class!

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