Why Should We Be Subsidizing Corporate Lobbyists Against Health Care

Remember the Republicans and their “Tea Parties”? Well what about taxation without representation? The 21st Century Corporate Collectivists are undermining the “Individual Freedom” that they so loudly proclaim to protect. What am I talking about? Well watch the video below from the Rachel Maddow Show! These corporations are using corporation funds to advance their political agenda. Then they complain that unions have voluntary “COPE” funds. Well let these millionaires dip into their own deep pockets to finance their agenda! Why should Middle Class Americans have our wallets raided by these effete snobs of privilege to finance their political agendas! Where does that money from the corporations come from? It comes from reduced benefits to subscribers and higher costs. This is tyranny!

It is bad enough that Corporate CEO’s Make millions per year. No I did not say that I was against people being millionaires I said they are making millions per year! Guess we are the only ones who have to save and scrim. What contribution did these insurance executives make to our society other than how to pull the plug on Grandma? They get paid more than the President of the United States who has more responsibly than anyone on this planet!

But the Republicans you meet on the street are like little toy robots.

Oh my social betters know what is best for me! I want to have higher insurance rates and gas prices so my social betters can use that money to advance “THEIR AGENDA”.

My friends no one is against people becoming millionaires! I am talking about people who make millions per year! Heck I hope to be a millionaire too. These are the same people who scream that Obama is going to make our grand children pay for his stimulus and Health Care Program.

No they are not afraid for “our children” they fear that the “inheritance tax” will be raised and their kids will only be able to inherit a mere million instead of several.

The reason why Obama is hitting a wall now in the polls is because Democrats have got to get the balls to fight the Republicans on the real battle ground. We must face certain core issues. Reality is not absolute in certain areas and we live with two opposites. Carl Jung called this “The Shadow” and it is real and needs to be addressed. What am I talking about?

It is perfectly natural and healthy to RESENT when someone makes ten times your salary. It is even more natural to RESENT when someone makes millions per year and you make under $250,000. We do however, with just cause, lay these resentments aside when the person makes a valid contribution to our society! But there comes a time when we have to say enough is enough! We must not only stop Corporations from dipping their hands into our pockets to pay for their agendas but level the amount that a Corporate Executive can pull from his “deep pocket” to advance his agenda in a Democracy while the Middle Class does not have access to such depth of resources! Again what is worse is that these corporate execs don’t want to finance their agendas by their pockets but by dipping their hands into our pockets. Saying no to this is called “Socialism”.

When are Democrats finally going to raise these REAL ISSUES!

For God’s sake it’s not like we are taking away something that these CEO’s ACTUALLY EARNED! Oh dear me did you hear what I just said! No we are not going to level salaries but just add “Reality” in the form of progressive taxes and a prohibition on the use of corporate funds for politics!

We Progressives must take off the gloves else we will be viewed as wimps! As I said in a prior post, Americans love ACTION FIGURES! By going on the offensive we can exhaust the Republicans and their fellow travellers! The time has come to set employees free from the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE. Universal Health Care adds to that sense of “Individual Freedom” that Conservatives so talk about but only reserve for the elite!

No Taxation Without Representation! Stop the Corporations from destroying Individual Freedom!

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