Rush Limbaugh Sunshine Patriot Of The Bush Tradition

Rush Limbaugh opened his big mouth once again! The seismic ratings of his statements were even higher than when he plumps his meatie butt on a chair. As most of you have heard Rush Limbaugh has called those soldiers in Iraq who voice an opinion against the war as “phony soldiers”! But before I go into that let me again raise a question I have raised on this blog before!

QUESTION: What is similar to Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and why? Give up?

ANSWER: George Bush’s complete record of full legally mandated attendance at the Nation Guard! Like Iraqi WMD neither can be found! (Unaccounted Republican Patriot)

Isn’t amazing how one of Bush’s college professors spoke up about this yet the so-called liberal biased news media and the Democrats don’t do a Henry Heinz on Bush? Let me make one thing clear. I am not saying that those who did not serve in the military are not patriotic. I was a mere Army Reservist yet I attended and did ALL of my legally mandated duties and even received awards. Like many in my generation I really did not want to be there. I resent that Bush had an opening created for him by the Governor of his state and then did not complete the required meetings. Hell guys would have killed to have a slot in the National Guard. Yet this favoritism was done and then no Guardsmen remembers Bush! Where is his complete record of his service? Rush Limbaugh doesn’t seem to mind that. I resent Rush Limbaugh calling soldiers who don’t believe in this war “phony soldiers”! has run the following ad that really gets to the heart of the matter.

If this war is so vital to our national security then why doesn’t Rush Limbaugh and his fellow travelers:

  1. Support a reintroduction of the draft, as we do not have enough troops to accomplish the “current” mission statement of our President?
  2. Why do we have something like 50,000 privateer militias in Iraq such as Black Water? Doesn’t Rush Limbaugh “support our troops”! Why do we need these “privateers”?
  3. Finally if Rush Limbaugh and his fellow travelers on the “Road To Bagdad” believe this is such a vital war to our national interest then these “balance the budget” rock hard conservatives should be supporting John Murtha and his Iraqi War Surtax!

Well my fellow Americans I might have been out of line by terming Rush Limbaugh and his friends as “his fellow travelers on the Road To Bagdad”. Actually Rush Limbaugh will not be on that road! Instead he wants your son and even daughter to take that road while he and his fellow travelers will be investing in Black Water and Halliburton.

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority (our great Middle Class and those who aspire to be) to stand up and take our nation back from these effete snobs of the neo-con right! God Bless America!

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