To Hell With Bipartisanship – Universal Health Care Now

The time has come for President Obama to take the gloves off and start attacking the Republicans and their class interests that are opposed to Universal Health Care. Americans like “action figures” and Obama is loosing his image as one. When the issue facing our nation was terrorism the American people supported and re-elected George Bush. Americans loved, and rightly so, that we removed the Taliban from Afghanistan. When George Bush diverted us into a side war in Iraq Americans took the bait. Because we love “ACTION FIGURES”. Bush lost his status when the real area for our action, Afghanistan started to go under as did his Social Engineering Project in Iraq.

Barrack Obama won the election because the issue was changed to the “economy”! The Republicans advocated “Laissez-faire” Capitalism which forbid massive action. The Democrats advocated a massive stimulus and TAKING ACTION! Thus we won the election. President Obama is now trying to be Bi-partisan with Republicans who will never join with him. They want him to fail. (See the short video below).

President Obama must realize that these are Republicans who want to continue the process of “Income Redistribution” away from the Middle Class to the Upper Class. We have seen this in their support of Globalization and having American employees compete with foreign workers who are paid little more then slaves. Then we are told that we are not being “productive”. If Americans have access to Universal Health Care we will be less dependant on the Corporate Collectives from which we must secure our economic existence!Republicans will do anything to prevent Individual freedom they prefer we subvert our lives to the “Corporate Collectivists”.

The reason we are losing is because many Democrats are not facing the underlying issues:

  1. While we want to have incentives for people to be creative and innovative there comes a point when we must state that those earning millions per year really do NOT really deserve the compensation they are receiving. We must push for a more aggressive “progressive income tax” and “inheritance tax”. No one is against people being millionaires. The issue is balance! You see there comes a point when we have to say enough of the myths and fairy tales we grew up with. Not to mention that many did not even work for the millions they have but inherited it.
  2. Democrats need to stand up for the Middle Class and state that it is we who are the “producers” in this nation. I love the way Republicans use the term “producers” for the rich. Why didn’t they say that in the last election? Instead they accused Barrack Obama of being an elitist!
  3. While the Republicans have their stupid “Tea Parties” we Democrats should be screaming about “Taxation without representation”. We are being taxed by the insurance companies to support their “Corporate Interests”. Bad enough their executives are paid far more than the President of the United States at my medical cares’ expense. But these rich bozos don’t want to stick their hands in their own pockets to support their political agenda, instead they want to stick their hands in my pocket and make us pay for their K-Street lobbying efforts. That is “taxation without representation”!
  4. Democrats must cease to use the term “workers” but instead use the more inclusive term “employees”. White collar college graduates are as much a victim of the Corporate Collectives as Blue Collar. Just look at what has happened to those in the computer programming profession.

If Barrack Obama wants to continue playing “Presidential” and seek bi-partisanship then he should at least unleash Vice President Biden to play the attack dog as in the video above. We need to pass Universal Health Care now while we still have solid majorities in both houses of Congress. We do not have four years but under two years. The time has come to launch attack ads at the Corporate rich and their stealing of our nation’s political decision making via K-Street. President Obama it is time to become an “ACTION FIGURE” again else the Republicans will label you a wimp as they have done to liberals in the past!

To hell with bi-partisanship! You cannot reason with people who advocate lies and smearing! Time to stand up for the Middle Class against these effete snobs of privilege!

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