The UAW Strike: Financial Analysts And Accountants You Are Next

As our nation watches our jobs and our futures being off shored to slave labor paying nations, we see the latest attempt to fight this with the United Auto Workers strike against G.M. Sure the UAW has its problems. As a college graduate I used to be annoyed that union workers would take ownership of the term “working class” as if college graduates do not work! But now I see us fighting a common enemy! Today we see computer programmers unionizing as technological jobs are being off shored and those that remain are being filled by H1-b Visa holders. Those who preach the “free market” have no problem with government intervention via H1-b to lower the salaries of technological employees and destroy middle class dreams!

On March 28, 2007 the Wall Street Journal ran it’s front page headline story about the next wave of jobs to be “OFF SHORED”. Among those occupations listed were Financial Analysts, Economists, Actuaries, Graphic Designers, Accountants and others! This week (10/01/2007) Business Week ran it’s cover story on employees in many white collar jobs not being paid over time and some are going to court! Perhaps it is time for the rise of an “Employee Consciousness Movement”! When unions use the term “worker” they alienate the larger workforce! They make change impossible. Democrats should use the term “employee” instead!

Jim Crammer on MSNBC’s “Hardball” said that to save G.M. the UAW must die! He proudly touted how “Caterpillar” broke the union to then move on to become the world’s largest producer of farm equipment! Jim Crammer said that:

If GM can break the UAW then the stock of GM will go up in price five times. This is America and that is the only thing that we care about”!

What can be seen here is his definition of “America”. The middle class has no place in it! To his credit Mr. Crammer did seem to advocate universal health care but to alleviate the corporation of this cost!

As our nation drifts into a state where candidates like Hilary Clinton proudly take Big Tech corportate money and she loudly supports the H1-b Visa program to destroy American middle class dreams of financial independence, we who are progressives in both the Democratic and even Republican Parties, need to stand up for the Middle Class against the tyranny of the Corporate Collectivists! Hillary Clinton would “save” American jobs by importing H1-b Visa holders to America rather than let the FREE MARKET take care of the issue!

How is that you ask?

By the law of supply and demand if there are not enough computer and technological professionals to go around then salaries will go up! This will cause students to take the more difficult technology courses, as if they are not doing so already! But as the Programmer’s Guild has pointed out there is no shortage of people for high tech jobs. Corporate America just does not want to pay professional level salaries. Then as students lose faith in studying and filling the ranks of technology occupations these same free market defenders wonder why ATLAS SHRUGGED! Hillary Clinton grew up in the same generation as I did. I wonder if this is the chapter that she wishes to add to the standard utopian text book of our generation, “The Greening Of America”!

We live in an era of licentious permissiveness where the bleeding hearts of Jim Crammer and his fellow minions in the Corporate Class care more for the profits of the corporate collective than the individual! They preach the free market but then use government intervention to lower the wages and salaries of Middle Class Americans. They use so called “free trade” instead of “fair trade” to off shore American jobs. But as if that is not enough, they use government intervention in the American Job Market by importing H1-b Visa techs to lower those jobs that remain! This is no longer just an issue about the United Auto Workers Union! In this era of licentious permissiveness we witness Cut and Run Capitalists rushing from the nation that gave them succor, incorporation, protection and profits to reinforce the slave labor practices of other nations and even help the military of communist nations like China! These 21st century Iscariots then renounce their American Identity and term themselves “Global Corporations”. But guess who will rediscover their American roots when China becomes a military threat and our military industrial complex heats up with contracts? The very same CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS!

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority – the great Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to stand up for our nation and our dreams against these 21st Century enemies of individualism! If we do not then individual freedom will be subverted by these 21st Neo-Collectivists of Corptocracy!



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