Top 12 Talking Points For Health Care

While the Republican scare tactics on Health Care are somewhat working on the Middle Class poll numbers, I believe Progressive Democrats need to be more forceful and to fight the battle on a new battle field. The video below by illustrates how to deal with the conservative lies.

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Some Conservatives are quoting with glee that recent polls show Americans are unhappy with how President Obama is handling health care. Not so fast as many of us liberals and Social Democrats are also unhappy with the weak way President Obama is fighting this battle. Just because his poll numbers have slipped does not prove automatically that Americans are against Universal Health Care! Many may have given Obama a bad rating because he is not being tough enough! Below are my Top Eleven Talking Points For Universal Health Care. We need to raise these KEY ISSUES:

1. Do not make this simply an issue of insuring the uninsured. Doing so will make this a “Classic Battle” where Republicans always win. Americans may have sympathy for the poor but not at the expense of raising their taxes. We must relate this to the Middle Class. I would use the following Talking Point: The Middle Class ends of paying for the uninsured anyway! Hospital costs go up to pay for those who use the emergency room in lieu of their primary care physician.

2. Individual Freedom: Oh we hear these right wingers talk that our “individual freedom” is being eroded! – Bull! We are at the mercy of the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE that we work for. If you loose your job good bye health care! Even if you do not loose your job our existence is to serve the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE not our individual freedom! Corporations can charge you more for their plan, switch your plan or cancel it even if you are working! Oh don’t worry that is so the top 2% can have the “FREEDOM” to make profits at the Middle Class expense!

3. The Government Bureaucrats will stand between us and our doctor: What about the bureaucrats in the Corporations? How many times do they stand between us and our doctors in the form of Insurance Companies and even pharmaceutical companies!

4. Pre-existing conditions: What if you want to exercise your “Individual Freedom” to move to a new company and your prior conditions are now not covered? Is this the “FREEDOM” that the Conservatives talk about! They have the “Freedom” to move their investments and our jobs off our shores so they can avoid paying insurance costs to employees! They have the “Freedom” to make a profit without work while we have the “Freedom” to work without Health Care! Yes this is Freedom! We are to submit our individual freedom to the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE!

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5. Universal Health Care is a RIGHT not a privilege: Democrats are fighting the battle on a battle field decided by the Republicans! This goes to a more fundamental issue! What are these Corporate Elites doing for this society that justifies them making more than the President Of the United States? How many days into the new year does an employee have to work before he or she earns what the top executives earn on the first day of the year? No I am not saying everyone should be payed the same or that it is wrong to be a millionaire or even billionaire! But the time has come when we need to confront the issue that while we allow this unequal compensation to occur no one really is justified in making more than the President of the United States who has the weight of the world on his shoulders. We live in the richest nation on earth and we the Middle Class made it that way. Universal Health Care is a RIGHT not a privilege! We earned it!

6. Democrats need to stop talking about “Workers” and start talking about “Employees”: This is not simply a blue collar vs white collar issue. Most college graduates are not making over 250,000 per year. Democrats need to understand this is not simply a blue collar union issue. My Dad was an accountant and yet he too was victimized by the Corporate Collectivists! He lived in fear of loosing his job and health care!

7. The Middle Class is forced to pay for the Corporation’s Political Lobbying: It is bad enough that someone who makes ten million per year can out contribute my political contributions but that is not enough for these effete snobs of privilege! The groups that are financing the so called grass roots revolts at the Town Hall Meetings and the lobbyists who infect our political system with campaign contributions our being financed by dipping their rich hands into my wallet and yours! What is that you say? How can that be? Well they are being funded by corporations! Just where does the money come from? It comes by charging us higher insurance premiums and lowering their payments to doctors and hospitals! Oh yes this is the “Individual Freedom” that they so cherish. Our duty is to subvert our Individual aims to the agenda of the Corporate Collectivists! Yes this is their idea of FREEDOM!

8. Universal Health Care Increases Individual Freedom From the Corporate Collective: We live in a new era where “collectivism” is not in the form of a “Soviet” style collective but “Corporate Collective”. Here Individual Freedom is sacrificed to better serve the needs of the corporation. From globalization to age discrimination the American Middle Class finds it’s employment income subverted to the investment income of the corporate class! From White Collar to Blue Collar Employee the American Middle Class finds it’s leisure time subverted in order to work more in the service of “productivity” to increase the leisure time and investments of the corporate elite! Middle Class employees also own stocks but if your job goes so do your investments!

9. Government Regulation Prevents Corporate DEATH PANELS from deciding who should get care and who should not! What is to stop some Corporate Bureaucrat from pulling the plug on Grand Ma because they believe she has lived long enough anyway? Sarah Pallin is an idiot. The issue is not Obama’s Death Panels but insurance companies deciding who gets saved!

10. Americans are going to Third World Nations because they cannot afford American Health Care: Can you believe Americans are actually travelling to Thailand to get operations because they cannot afford them here! Americans are going to Canada to get prescription drugs! Yes this is the “FREEDOM” that Republicans want to inflict on the American Middle Class.

11. Conservatives do not worry about “our children” paying for any deficit: This is one of their biggest lies. No what they fear is that the inheritance taxes will be raised and their kids will not be able to inherit ten million but only a mere five million! Life is so cruel!

12.Even the Affluent Upper Middle Class Need Universal Health Care: Even white collar professionals need Universal Health Care because one catastrophic illness could wipe out one’s savings. In fact hospitals will charge more to professionals believing they can pay more. What good is it if your insurance pays 80% of what they say the cost should be of your health care when your bill is ten times the charge the insurance company says it should be. If the Insurance company says they will pay 80% of x but your bill is 10X you can say good bye to your lifestyle and your home!

The time has come for America’s great Silent Majority, our great Middle Class, to stand up and take our nation back from these effete snobs of privilege!

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