Democratic Candidates Debate: Joe Biden Over Shadows Hillary

I was impressed by Senator Biden tonight during the Democratic Party debate. I believe the solution he has proposed to divide Iraq into three separate provinces inside a federation is the best hope for their country. Senator Biden got 75 votes in the Senate in support of his nonbinding resolution! I was turned off by Governor Richardson’s statement that we need more H1-b Visa entrants into the country. The corporate world has done enough damage to the middle class job market already. What planet is Richardson from? But then again Hillary “PAC” Clinton is already on board the Silicon Valley gravy train express!

I also found her answer in relation to the Iran question weak. Take a clear stand Hillary will you stop Iran from having nukes if diplomacy fails?

Sure there are many in Iran who are against the mullahs. But if they get nuclear weapons the middle class liberal voters in Tehran will not be consulted if wacky Ahmadinejad decides to launch a nuclear strike or export the technology. Just look at the recent events in Syria! It appears North Korea was exporting it’s technology to Syria. This very same nation that was heralded as now being cooperative! Instead they are up to their old tricks. Does anyone see the mushroom coming over one of our cities?

What is even more amazing is that those who take a proactive stance against nuclear proliferation are all caught up in backing Bush in his neo-con social engineering experiment in Iraq! Meanwhile we may have just missed an opportunity to capture Bin Laden in Afghanistan because we did not have adequate military forces deployed there due to Bush and his obsession with Iraq. However opium production in Afganistan is at world record highs! No doubt the money raised will be paid to rogue Pakistani scientists via Al Qaeda! Hey that’s ok we can all sleep well knowing Michael Chertoff is doing a Katrina on our national borders with his air tight lock down of those crossing illegally!

Yes indeed we can all sleep tight! – What was that?

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