Death Panels: Sarah Palin Commits False Witness Against Obama

The self righteous Sarah Palin and her fellow travelers in the Republican Party are at it again! Maybe Sarah Palin should learn to practice the teachings of Christianity that she claims to champion!

I believe now that it is time for Obama to start to take control of this Health Care issue else the Republicans will get away with their lies and distortions. The reason he has not intervened openly is that he does not want to repeat the mistake that the Clintons made years ago. They tried to ram their plan down the Congress. But unless President Obama starts to take forceful action members of Congress could get cold feet along with the AMA and other groups that once opposed Universal Health Care but now support it.

Frankly I don’t give a krap about being bipartisan. We won the election and we need to act fast! We cannot have Universal Health Care without a public option. I would prefer to:

  • Simply uniformly tax corporations and the top 2% of Americans.

  • Regulate the Insurance Companies.

  • Issue to ALL Americans a voucher that they can take to their private Insurance Company or to a Government run plan.

Conservatives don’t seem to have a problem with “vouchers” when it is to support parochial schools!

The time has come for Progressives and Liberals to stand up to the wacky lies of Sarah Palin and her fellow travellers in the Republican Party! We won the election. We don’t have four years but two years! Let’s act now and fast!

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