Health Care: Time For Democrats And Progressives To Stand Up

While many Democrats where blowing kisses to Republicans believing this would be a new era of cooperation, the Corporate Collectivists and their minions in the Republican Party are arming for battle. Their plan is to subvert the freedom of the Individual to The new 21st Century Collectivists. No not the Soviet Collective but the Corporation! Just look at how they are waging Brown Shirt like tactics to disrupt the forces of Democracy in Town Hall Meetings around our nation! These Corporations want to make us subserviant to their agenda. (See video below).

When will the Democrats wake up! This War must be waged on a different battle field and with different tactics! When will Progressives and Democrats realize that this is CLASS WARFARE plain and simple! Oh dear me did you hear what I just said! Oh we don’t want to sound corrosive that may earn us some bad karma!  Well I have news for my fellow liberal Democrats, the Republicans and their fellow travelers on K-Street are out to win and they don’t care what are the means to achieve that end! Do they worry about class warfare when they ship our jobs overseas?

What’s that we can train blue collar workers for computer jobs, after all technology is the wave of the future – right? Wrong! What jobs these elitists cannot ship overseas they are bringing foreign H1-b workers here legally to undermine the high technology labor market. This is not just a blue collar issue. Democrats would do well to stop talking about “labor” and start talking about “employees”. White collar employees are getting the shaft as well. (I know I was one of them).

Progressive Liberal Democrats must wage psychological warfare against the Republicans and stop being such wimps. Here are some talking points:

  • Demand that every employee should know at what day in the year their accumulated earnings equal the total compensation of the CEO’s first workday in the year. I bet by December 31st most would still not earn what the CEO made on January 1st.

  • Question who are these people to make such large amounts of money when the President of the United States, who has far more responsibility, only makes $400,000.00 per year.  Their compensation is not from a “free market” but from the oligopoly of the market.

  • The Government should not get in the busseness of setting salaries. But the time has come to say that no one has contributed to society to such an extent that they deserve more then the President of the United States. Tax day is when these effete snobs have to check in with reality! Find a cure for cancer and maybe we can waver your taxes. But when they earn their  ridiculous rate of compensation by finding ways to cut mine that does not justify them to collect such licentious rates of compensation. April 15th is the day to check in with reality!

  • Why should I be taxed by the Corporations to support their K-Street activities! I resent multimillionaires being allowed to make large contributions to political groups that fight Universal Health Care because they have a larger wallet then me. But that is not enough for them! Instead they have the corporation make contributions! Excuse me where does the corporation get the money to make that contribution? The corporation gets it by raising prices and/or reducing salaries to employees! Then they lecture us about “Individual freedom being subverted to serve the collective”! Stop making the middle class subsidize the agenda of the super rich!

  • No one is against people becoming millionaires or even billionaires! The issue is fairness! By shipping jobs overseas and linking health care to one’s job the individual is not free but subservient to the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE!

  • These same people speak of themselves as the “producers” in our society! Why didn’t they say that during the election. No instead they called Obama an “elitist”.

  • Why should insurance companies and our employers stand between us and our doctor?

Who the hell cares how much it costs! Does anyone care how much it costs the American Taxpayer when the Tobacco industry infects our youth and gets healthy red blooded Americans addicted to CANCER STICKS? Does anyone care that their idea of a “Value Added Product” is a cigarette with the addictive drug nicotine? Why does our society allow these cancer peddlers to continue to operate? This my fellow Americans is their idea of “freedom”. That is to say freedom to die in the service of the Corporation! Oh these bleeding hearts for the Corporations that want to subvert the freedom of the individual by producing cancer sticks (cigarettes) then trying to deny Americans Universal Health Care!

Did these effete snobs of privilege care when George Bush lowered the taxes on the super rich and gave us the biggest budge deficit in history all while they waged a phony war in Iraq? Yet now they wail and whine about how “our children” are going to have to pay for Universal Health Care and the economic stimulus package! No they don’t care about “our children” they fear that their children will have to pay higher taxes on the wealth that they did not earn. They fear a rise in the “inheritance tax”. Imagine poor dear Mrs. McCain with her 87 million. What leave here only half of that? Oh I would rather go without health care then to tax my social betters!

Yet this is what is going to happen unless Democrats and Progressives stand up and take our Town Halls back from these effete snobs of privilege and their intellectually challenged minions whom they send to the Town Hall meetings to disrupt.

If you are Middle Class and have “SELF RESPECT” then you must question what justifies anyone to earn more than three or four times your salary.

The time has come for America’s Silent Majority, our great Middle Class, to stand up and take our nation back from these effete snobs of privilege.

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