Senator Kerry Stand Up For Free Speech

The University Of Florida apparently values tasering students rather than embarrassing guest speakers and the practice of free speech! On the Keith Oberman Show it was stated that the young man in question may have jumped the line to give his question! I cannot comment on that as I was not present.

If he did jump the line then I believe in order to protect the right of free speech for the other students, the police should have removed him immediately rather than wait. From some of the videos presented on the media I originally thought he brought it on himself until I viewed the following video from You Tube. This shows what happened plus the events just prior to the police starting to remove him!

Rush Limbaugh and an Air America commentator have both condemned the police for this incident. Rush even jokes that the police did not move in until the student asked if Senator Kerry was a member of George Bush’s college fraternity “Skull and Bones”! Now I ask my readers to compare the news media video coverage of the event with the one above which shows the events just preceding the police grabbing the student. This proves to me that they were trying to spare Senator Kerry an embarrassment about his political views. But then again was there a video of the student bumping the line?

What I am against is the “Tyranny of The Self Righteous”. It seem there is a lot of that from both the conservatives and the liberals. Let me make one thing clear. If someone bumped me while I was in line and hence attempted to deny my right of free speech I would want them to be tasered! Yes that’s right. In Politically Correct left brain hemisphere speak “I am being genuine and an authentic human being in touch with my feelings”! But since I don’t know that to be the case and because the campus police seemed to be trying to spare Senator Kerry embarrassment, I must support the student. I believe he was wrongfully tasered. I agree with the questions he asked the Senator. I would like to add one more!

Senator Kerry, how much where you paid for this speech and how about giving it to this kid? Can you profit from Andrew Meyer being tasered knowing you where a youthful protester also?

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