Mayor Blabbermouth Giuliani Vs Hillary Clinton

This blog is from a progressive middle class perspective. I do not like Hillary Clinton after her defense of the H1-b Visa program which has destroyed the dreams of countless middle class of Americans for job security in a world dominated by the neo-collectivists of corporate America. I also do not like calling General Petraeus a traitor as he is a fine American just as is Senator Kerry who had his character assaulted. However I wonder why Giuliani does not demand that his fellow travelers in the Republican Party denounce Ann Coulter in her terming John Edwards a “fag”!

Those of you who live outside of NYC and believe that Mayor Big Mouth is a great hero need to learn who the real heroes where on 9-11.

Mayor Big Mouth Giuliani wanted to profit from the deaths of the World Trade Center by extending his term of office by six months! Just imagine our nation with Giuliani as President if we had a terrorist attack. He would attempt to pass a Reichstag “Enabling Act”. This is how Hitler came to power. No I am not calling Giuliani a Hitler. But I just wonder what happened to the Republican zeal for “strict constructionalist “interpretation of our laws and traditions. Our nation survived a Civil War and the British a World War without stopping elections or the time mandated change of regimes.

New York City has survived quite well without extending Mayor Giuliani’s term of office. Our nation can survive quite well without giving him a term of office as President. Oh yes and Senator Clinton you will not win the hearts of Middle Class Americans unless you repudiate the H1-B Visa program and support instead those who are trying to survive in the corporate collectivist jungle! Soon not only computer jobs but all college degrees will be made worthless by H1-B and the Corporate Neo-Collectivists! The Democratic Party must not assist but fight corporate America in it’s fight against the middle class. Yes it was nice that you gave back the recent contribution from Norman Hsu. Now how about returning the contributions from Silicon Valley?

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