Health Care: Advancing A Progressive Middle Class Agenda

Once again the Republicans and their fellow travelers are attempting to destroy the economic security of the American Middle Class by attacking our President! Just look at how they spin the term “freedom”! They whine and wail that “our children will not be able to pay off this “terrible burden” that Universal Health Care will impose on the national budget”! Bull!

They are not worried about “our children” but their children having to pay a higher inheritance taxes! Yet the Democrats refuse to view this as CLASS WARFARE! Oh dear we don’t want to come across nasty now do we? We have witnessed upper class tax cuts by George Bush and Ronald Reagan! These tax cuts were  a complete transfer of wealth from the Middle Class to the upper 2%. Inheritance and income taxes have fallen massively while the Republicans continued to spend on their vast SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT in IRAQ! Along with their fellow travelers that alas included some Democrats, we have seen our jobs and wealth transferred to China and overseas! All this due to the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS being the transfer agents! Then they insist on collecting their fee for this “service” that they provided to the society that gave them birth, incorporation and profits!

The time has come for Democrats to face some facts! When Republicans talk about “freedom” they don’t mean freedom for the individual but rather freedom for the vast multinational Corporate Collectives that want to wage war against the Individual Freedom of the Middle Class Citizen.

Just witness how some corporations today are attempting to prematurely pay back the tarp funds they received not because they want to do the right thing but because they want the “FREEDOM” to resume paying their high level executives ridiculous compensation packages! This is the “freedom” that the Republicans want to give us! Freedom to serve the agenda of our social betters! While middle class Americans fear for the loss of their jobs that not only ends their income but also their Health Care, these bleeding hearts for the parasitic rich worry about the FREEDOM of Corporate Collectivists in the Corporation to pay their upper levels while the rest lose their freedom to have a living and health care! This is their definition of “freedom”.

Democrats must stop side stepping the main issue! It is not just that Corporate CEO’s of failed companies are making millions while the President of the United States, who has far more responsibility than all of them combined only makes $400K per year, no that is not the full story! The real issue is why anyone should be making millions per year! Just what are they contributing to society! If you are middle class and you have SELF RESPECT then you must be raging mad at anyone who makes more then three or four times your salary! Their high compensations are not due to “productivity” but to “position”!

Oh dear me that would be class warfare! Well see what Rush Limbaugh has to say in the video above! This may come as a wake up call to some Americans! Wake up America class warfare is being waging against us right now! Just look at how our jobs, wealth and even military technology are being sent out from our borders! Frequently even to America’s enemies by the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS! But don’t worry they will be back after they have built up the military industrial complex of China and that nation becomes a threat to America. Guess who will suddenly “rediscover” their American roots? Then these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS will no longer term their “collectives” as Global Corporations but American Corporations when there is a buck to be made! Naturally their sons and daughters will not serve if America is attacked. That is for our children so we can serve our social betters!

The Republicans love to use the analogy of a calender with some day in May as the day when the money you earn after that is yours! The rest before being collected for taxes! Well I say every employee should be told at what date of the year his days worked that year equal just one day of the executives of the Corporation! On December 31st most will still not earn what their CEO made January 1st!

While I don’t believe we should pay African Americans compensation for the years of slavery of their ancestors, I wonder why someone like Cindy McCain should receive millions from her ancestors. What is the labor of her ancestors transferable but not the labor value of slaves to their ancestors!

No I am not against people becoming millionaires or passing on large sums of wealth! The issue is the percentage when this wealth is unearned by the recipient and the rest of us do not have economic security and have to work for a living! Our society is supposed to be a society that rewards hard work not privilege! Oh dear imagine the hardship of someone who makes millions per year having instead only a mere million per year in compensation! Yet these are the parasites that want us to cut back and who want to take away our freedom! I am not against the upper class. Some indeed are leaders of progressive causes because they remember what it was like! The time has come in this era of licentious permissiveness where corporations engage in cut and run capitalism to act with “responsibility”! Oh dear did I say a bad word?

It is not just wealth but leisure. Germans have eleven week vacations. Do you think they give a krap if that makes them “unproductive”? Maybe we should return to the seven day work week! That is the “freedom” that the Corporate Collectivists would impose on the individual!

Yes freedom to serve our social betters! Well that is not “freedom” in my book!

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