Cyber Attacks Must Be Met

Our society depends on banks, air traffic control computers, electrical grids and computer controlled communications! Our military is heavily dependent on computers! If our banks and financial institutions lost their computer capabilities our economy could collapse! I believe this attack should be responded to by our military computer experts even if covertly! Yes I am a European style Social Democrat. But I am sick of our nation being indecisive in the face of North Korea and Iran. Indeed my opposition to the Iraqi War is that it side tracked our nation from our own National Security Interest to focus instead on a vast Republican Social Engineering Experiment.

What the Republicans just don’t seem to understand is this basic maxim:

Petty two bit Dictators are NOT afraid of being overthrown and replaced by Democracies! They are simply afraid of being overthrown! When our nation changed it’s goals in Iraq from the mere overthrow of Sadam Hussein to a vast Republican Social Engineering Experiment we completely lost our Military Deterrence with Iran and North Korea! Both Iran and North Korea realized that instead of presenting a demonstration of our “Shock and Awe Technology” we were shifting to a masochistic “bleed and procrastinate” military strategy of engagement! Iraq made us procrastinate against Iran and North Korea not to mention Al Qaeda on the Afganistan – Pakistan border.

We were no longer a threat to Iran and North Korea! Indeed the very fact that we are going to build a Star Wars Anti-Missile System in Europe to protect Eurpope from rogue nations means we are not serious about stopping nuclear proliferation in the first place!

The very premise of such a system is predicated on the fact that we will allow Iran to have nukes! Now this cock roach of a nation, North Korea is playing games with our computers! These nations must be stopped not simply by economic means but by blatant high tech military force if needed.

But Democrats must realize we cannot allow another nation to rival us in military technology. Since we do not want to shed the blood of our military we must keep the image of Technological Leader. These Cyber attacks are a threat to our military deterence!

Our strength is not in occupations, except when really needed, but in our “Shock and Awe Military Technology”! (Oh my God a Liberal quoting Rumsfeld). I support Star Wars Technology. I just don’t believe it serves our national interests to place it in Eastern Europe which only alienates Russia and sends the wrong message to Iran! It makes me proud as an American to hear that the tests of our Star Wars Technology are running very well! Yes one can be both a liberal and for defending vigorously American interests! We do not have to even cause loss of life in North Korea. We could use EMP Bombs. See video below.

This blog is not your standard liberal blog. Yes I am a rabid Social Democrat and believe in the roll back of not only the Bush but the Reagan tax cuts as well! But I also believe we must be forceful in the defense of our nation. Bush squandered our resources in Iraq. My fellow liberals must understand something very fundamental about the American electorate!

Americans love action figures!

We got attacked on 9-11. Bush used forceful action! He jumped in the polls. He dropped when his “action” turned out to be a loss. We had an economic crises! The Republicans advocated laisse-faire! Obama advocated ACTION! Obama then won! Americans love ACTION FIGURES!

If we expect economic sanctions to work against both Iran and North Korea then we are fools! We will see a mushroom cloud over our cities in that case. This cyber-attack must be met with a counter attack against North Korea’s computers! Even if they did not launch the attack they are a cock roach of a nation that deserves punishment for their nuclear testing! If we Democrats do not act FORCEFULLY then we will loose the elections.

Americans love action figures! The time has come to take action and unlike George Bush, we must take focused action using our advanced technology rather than mere infantry and occupations!

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