Enough Of Michael Jackson

My God today I saw even FOX NEWS doing full coverage of Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service! Well I am fed up of this constant coverage! Does anyone realize North Korea is making nukes and shooting missiles over the Pacific? ENOUGH OF MICHAEL JACKSON – GOD DAMN IT!

As one person said, why don’t we cover the funerals of great men like Jonas Salk who invented the Polio vaccine and saved not only countless lives but also spared people from becoming invalids as my poor recently departed cousin. She was one of the last people to be crippled by polio.

Yes I realize Michael Jackson made a great contribution to music and as Carl Jung said all people have a “Shadow”. Michael Jackson showed us you can be rich and successful but still haunted by trouble! I am not writing this post against him but rather the overdone coverage of his death. My God this nation is going to pay it’s “Karma” for our obsession with celebrities as we will be subject to every whim and detail of the coming lawsuits concerning his estate! No I don’t want to hear anymore! Especially the extensive coverage!

One exception I will take with his critics is from Rush Limbaugh.

You know the head of the Republican Party! Well the leader of the Republican Party “prescribed” (oops bad word) a solution to the over coverage of Michael Jackson’s funeral. He said why don’t we cover the fallen heroes of the Iraq War?

Well maybe if Rush Limbaugh were to pay attention he would realize that former President Bush ordered that there was to be no such coverage of the arrival of the remains of fallen Iraqi Veterans!

Cannot we just get back to solving the world’s problems and turn the dial away from Michael Jackson? Really I am a European style Social Democrat not a Conservative. But I have had it with being “politically correct”! I have had ENOUGH of the constant coverage of Michael Jackson!

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