General Petraeus Or General Betray Us? has been condemned for it’s ad about General Petraeus. Congressman Duncan Hunter went on a rampage at the Congressional hearings about the ad. While I do not question the General’s integrity I do question his judgment. General Petraeus however is a man of honor. His own son has recently completed training for the Army Airborne! Michael Moore in the movie/documentary “Fahrenheit 911” stops Republican members of Congress to give them military recruitment literature for their sons. Most got annoyed with Michael Moore. General Petraeus is not a hypocrite! The General honestly believes he is his doing the right thing. His actions could effect the life of his son! I do not question his integrity. I do question his judgments and possible self deception as I will explain further!

While Congressman Duncan Hunter’s point is well taken I would like to question him and General Petraeus about the reaction of Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki for snubbing President Bush at a regional summit last year! It seems that Prime Minister al-Maliki valued militia leader and fellow Shiite Sadr far more! Strange isn’t it that Prime Minister Maliki does not stand up Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when he is scheduled to visit the nut of Iran. Hell it’s even stranger that he visits with the man who sending weapons to kill and maim our brave soldiers in Iraq! Congressman Hunter might want to consider why our soldiers are bleeding for the likes of Maliki when he not only visits Iran often but does not condemn his own parliament for going on a month’s vacation when they should have been seeking a solution to their internal sectarian conflicts.

As I understand the Constitution, General Petraeus does not have the right to decide if our troops should bleed and die for Maliki! That is a policy decision and his job is to implement the actions of the “Great Decider” George Bush. However it is within the expertise of General Petraeus to answer Republican Senator John Warner when he asked him if the war in Iraq is “making America more secure”? The news media is centering, on how when pressed by Senator Warner, the General replied “I honestly don’t know”, I believe this answer shows something far deeper.

General Petraeus first gave the answer that these actions are the best way to accomplish “our goals in Iraq”! Great answer but that was not the question and the General knew it! That Petraeus would even try such a “spin” makes him appear to have a vested interest in Bush’s political agenda not simply a frank military assessment. As a General he has nothing to fear from Congress, just be honest, give all the facts and don’t hold back. His commission comes from Congress not the President. Yes he must follow LAWFUL orders of the President. But his oath as an officer demands that he give without fear full complete and NON-EVASIVE responses to Congress!

There are some in this country, even in the news media, who refer to the “Administration” as the “Government”. This is not Europe as our government has three branches. The General must remember that and that his commission is by “Act of Congress”! The Senator asked a frank question and Petraeus acted defensively as if he has a policy investment! This is in violation of his oath as an officer. Let the “Great Decider” worry about the results of the answer! By the way here is a question that should have been asked in the committee meetings!

QUESTION: What is similar to Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and why?

ANSWER: George Bush’s completed service record in the National Guard. Like Iraqi WMD neither can be found!

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