Ambassador Crocker Gives A Crock On Iraqi War

Today is P-Day +1. Yesterday began the long awaited Petraeus’s Report. Ambassador Crocker has stated that victory will be determined in retrospect not in any particular point of time. This is being quoted from the conservative FoxNews Website, hardly a bastion of liberalism. Great work Ambassador Crocker!

This reminds me of my college days when I took courses in logic and the scientific method! For a hypothesis to be tested it had to be “falsifiable”! So our troops are dying for what Ambassador Crocker?

But then again we went to War in Iraq on the credibility of intelligence reports of Iraqi WMD. So why should our definition of victory under this President be any different! Besides we already have a report from our President of “Mission Accomplished”!

Bush and his fellow travelers have changed our mission again! This time we are dealing with Al-Qaeda in Iraq! Al Qaueda in Iraq came about in 2005 as General Petraeus conceded to a Committee Demorcrat yesterday while under questioning at his report hearing. Some of us silly folks actually think on this anniversary of 9-11 we should instead be bringing the War on Terror back to the Heartland of Al Qaeda in remote Pakistan and Afghanistan!

Yet this President continues to confuse the issue of the Iraqi War with the War on Terror! We are threatened with an “I told you so” when the genocide begins in Iraq after we leave. Gosh seems no one cares about the genocide in Darfur! Even the taunted liberal biased news media! So why not leave Iraq under Senator Joe Biden’s scenario with federation of three states, Sunni, Shiite and Kurd? That would give them the best chance of peace! If they do degrade into genocide Bush and Crocker can insist our news media do a “DARFUR” on the subject! Seems to work for the genocide in Darfur Mr. President so why the difference here?

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