More Republican Family Values

Well today we heard that Republican South Carolina Governor Sanford apparently had his own “stimulus package” to deliver to Argentina! Ah yes the party of “family values”, the party that says “No” to Gay marriage because marriage is a sacred institution. Damn dem Gays are breaking up to many marriages right Gov. Sanford?

Well now you Republicans say what about John Edwards? Well that is up to John Edwards wife but politically that he is not in the same ball park as Governor Sanford because John Edwards did not point the finger at other people and preach this self righteous krap from the religious right!

Remember the self righteous pomposity of the Republicans when our President wanted to have just a small amount of money in the budget for the distribution of Trojans to high school kids? Oh they whined and wailed. Then when the final cost of the package came out the Republicans complained that our kids would be paying the price for the stimulus package! Well maybe we should put Trojans back into the budget because our nation doesn’t need any more unwed mothers on welfare and fatherless teenage boys running around in criminal gangs. Yet this is the price that our society is going to pay for the Republicans following the Christian Right!

Hell if the Republican Governor cannot keep his zipper shut how can you expect a teenage boy?

I was on lunch break and saw Gov. Sanford’s speech. He went on an on before finally getting to the point. Folks is it only me? But since this guy was the Chairman of the Republican Governors caucus you would think he would have his apologies “after” he first told us the main event of the speech. That is to say he cheated on his wife! The reason?

Well for God’s sake this guy went on and on and I wanted to get back to work! But never mind me! Being the good family value oriented Republican Gov. Sanford is did he not have any consideration for CORPORATE AMERICA! That’s right! What about all the advertising revenue that was being lost due to his speech? If he said what he had to say upfront then the media could break away for their ads. Hell a good Republican would have consideration for CORPORATE AMERCIA!

Well what is really funny is that he mentioned that he meet his girl friend at a Bible Study! Well instead of outlawing Gay Marriage maybe we should out law Bible Study Classes as a means to preserve marriage!

No doubt at Bible Study they were discussing those awful pinko liberal Democratic Party Gay Marriage advocates! Oh yes the Republican Party – The FAMILY VALUES supporters!

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