Republicans Whine About Obama’s Iran Stance

I remember the Republicans used to say that foreign policy differences ended at our shore line! I guess that does not apply when they want to criticize President Obama and his handling of the Iranian Crises! Yet the Republicans and their fellow travelers in Halliburton had no problem doing business with the terrorist nation of Iran’s Mullahs! (See Video below)

These CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who want to be the pals of terrorists not only Iran but China also. Isn’t it amazing how the Republicans criticize our President in these difficult times yet I did not see them attempting to place a hold on American companies doing a “CUT AND RUN” to China after Tiananmen Square to make a buck! What is even worse is that brave students are using the internet as a means of communication in both the current Iranian and Tiananmen Square revolt. Yet American Corporations in their pursuit of profit before people have even assisted the Chinese Government in policing their internet and capturing dissidents! (See video below).

We live in an era of licentious permissiveness where “Individual Freedom” is subjugated to needs of the CORPORATE COLLECTIVISTS of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others. Did they care about the freedom loving students of China? Yet these same pompous asses preach “individual freedom” and the danger of big government! What about the effects of the CORPORATE COLLECTIVISTS with their usage of K Street on the American body politic?

The Republicans say President Obama is timid and weak in dealing with Iran and they mock him for his past desire to talk to the Iranian leadership about their nuclear program. Yet they have no problem talking to China and shipping American jobs, technology and wealth to China as long as they profit from such transactions. We in the Middle Class have seen these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS conduct a massive wealth redistribution program from the middle class to their own pockets while our national security suffers from such transactions!

President Obama realizes that both candidates in the recent Iranian Presidential elections were similar. However the followers of Mir Hossein Mousavi are evolving. First they opposed Ahmadinejad but now they are moving against their Supreme Leader and this could place them in opposition to the entire concept of the “Islamic Republic”! The crucial factor is not only their leader, Mir Hossein Mousavi, but the educated classes of the cities! By being placed in this evolving situation they are becoming outcasts of the Islamic Republic and ripe for conversion to real change! Hopefully as I mentioned in my prior post, to restoring some sort of Constitutional Pahlavi Monarchy!

Understand this crucial factor:

Change of that nature comes when anchors are cut. That is the reason for Obama’s reaction. Not simply that the Fundamentalists will crack down if we speak up. That is not the issue. The issue is the attitudes of the Iranian middle class in the cities. If the masses feel America is threatening them then the fundamentalists will succeed in their propaganda. Remember the VIETNAM WAR when blue collar workers where recruited by Republicans to fight the college students? The fundamentalists in Iran are attempting a “Richard Nixon” on the Iranian Silent Majority! They are claiming to be the advocates of “law and order” and defending the nation. Richard Nixon made the middle believe communists where behind the peace movement. The Islamic Fundamentalists are saying it is “the great Satan America”.

Yes the time is coming when Obama can come out of the closet and attack the fundamentalists.

But in social psychology when you wage psychological operations you change attitudes when the individual comes to the conclusion on his own. The young of Iran are now coming to that conclusion and most importantly “owning that conclusion”! As that occurs then we must overtly support them. Till then we must twitter away the time while using covert operations!

Let us just hope that American Multinational Corporations don’t sell their internet expertise to the current Iranian government! The time has come for all Americans to rally around our President!

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