Bush Betrays Middle Class: Mexican Trucks Crossing Our Borders

Back during the Vietnam War when the Republicans seduced many American Unions to support them, college students where being beaten up by construction workers and Teamsters where all for the Republican Party! Well where is their loyalty to you now? Construction jobs are now being filled by illegal Mexican workers and now Bush and his fellow travelers in Corporate America have opened our roads, like our borders, to a new invasion! They are undermining of our economic independence and the lives of American middle class workers by giving Mexican truckers free reign over our highways.

Some will argue that the trucks have mechanical flaws and are unsafe. I say who cares even if that issue is addressed! The real issue is Bush and his fellow travelers destroying the American Middle Class. Their intention is to lower the wage scale of Americans engaged in construction and transportation.

What’s that you say? These folks should go to college! Well let’s not forget that both Bush and Hillary Clinton are on the payroll of the new “Collectivists”! That is to say “Corporate America”! With the H1-B Visa program running full scale, the employment situation is worsening for computer and technological jobs!

Hillary Clinton seems to believe that America’s only choice is to “Off Shore” American jobs or to “save” these jobs by increasing the H1-B Visa program. Great choice Hillary! Last March the Wall Street Journal said that more professional jobs can be off shored such as accountants, financial analysts, graphic artists, medical and more! What employment categories are going to be left for the American Middle Class? Can you fry a cheese burger?

As Mexican trucks roll over our open borders we can only wonder how many drugs, illegal aliens and possibly even a terrorist dirty bomb will now be infiltrating our Homeland! Let’s stop the bull shit of calling those who oppose illegal immigration, “racist”! We are a sovereign nation and have the right to our borders and laws! I don’t blame the illegal aliens for wanting a better life!

Rather I blame the Corporate Collectivists who want to undermine the American middle class and make us work for bread crumbs without even pensions or health insurance. As if these are evils that make us “uncompetitive” in the world economy! If the issue is purely the economic price of goods, you cannot compete against the costs of slavery! We need “Fair Trade” not “Free Trade”. These neo-collectivists of the corporate world, these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who run from the nation that gave them succor, incorporation and profits must now be FORCED to behave in a socially responsible manner to the nation that gave them existence!

The time has come for the Silent Majority: America’s great Middle Class to stand up and say “No”! Not just for ourselves but for the poor of America who also yearn to become middle class!

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