Restore The Pahlavi Monarchy In Iran

Yes I am a Social Democrat and voted for Jimmy Carter. I believed the Shah had to go at the time. Now I feel the opposite. Partially because I believe both Liberals and Persian Monarchists have both matured.

While our direct support could hurt the forces of “Change” in Iran, I do believe in the Audacity of Change and that the vehicle for such change is the restoration of the Pahlavi Monarchy in a Western Constitutional framework! While the Shah has passed on, his son the Crown Prince, is alive and capable of becoming the new Shah. (See the video of him below) History has given the Crown Prince the opportunity to serve his nation by becoming a Constitutional Monarch whose future, like the restored Spanish Monarchy is to serve his nation as a respected “Referee” and Constitutional Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Above the Crown Prince addresses an audience at an American University. Despite the fact that his father had some flaws, under the Shah, Iran advanced in Western Liberal values. I believe his son has learned from the mistakes of the past. I believe we western Liberals have also learned and matured.

Under the Shah there was religious tolerance. The older religion of Iran “Zoroastrianism” has suffered under the mullahs. This heritage of Persia must not be snuffed out by extremists!

If we who label ourselves as “Liberals” decry religious fundamentalism and the Christian Right then we should also decry Islamic Fundamentalism. Just as we should denounce “atheistic fundamentalism” of communist states. All of the above have their rational tolerant advocates. The two films above show the pride that many Iranian “Persians” take in the monarchy and their history.

When a monarchy acts like the British and now Spanish Monarchies they insure the survival of Western values and freedom by placing their future not as “rulers” but as respected “referees” who enable “Parliamentary Democracies” to flourish without fear of a military takeover or one party rule. The forces who are fighting Ahmadinejad are slowly realizing that the so called “Islamic Republic” is as dangerous as we view a Christian theocracy. By the way I am an Episcopalian not an atheist.

While a Constitutional Monarchy is not for us in America, I strongly support the restoration of the Pahlavi Monarchy in Iran in a Constitutional framework!

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