Putin Starting A Cult?

This blog is against being politically correct. As you can tell by many of my posts I am a loyal Democrat who is against the War in Iraq. But in this post I wish to caution my fellow Democrats from viewing the world with “rosy” colored glasses. This is especially true when it comes to Russia and China. NBC Nightly news ran a news article on a youth group in Russia called “Nashi”. The group has government links and is a sort of “Boy/Girl Scouts” Putin style. Just imagine if the American Boy Scouts had Bush’s picture at every outing and our youth were called the “Bush Generation”! Well that is what the Russians are doing with their scouting equivalent called “Nashi”!

They are running military style camps and becoming political street thugs like the German SA of years past. They harass the political opposition. Imagine our Boy Scouts being used for such a purpose! When I was a youth I resented being dictated to. I guess some Russian youths are so desperate for a camping trip that they are willing to be called the “Putin Generation”!

Meanwhile the Russians are resuming long range bomber patrols! In their defense however our beloved President had decided to build the Europeans a “Nuclear Shield” against rogue nuclear armed states. Bush did this before the Russian decision on increased military activity!

I have stated in this blog “just what is the message Bush is sending Iran by building this shield”? The presumption is that we are going to sit back and let the Iranians build nuclear weapons while shaking our fists saying that we are not going to allow them to do this. Meanwhile the only thing this European shield is gong to do is alienate the Russians because Bush has decided to place the installations on the Russian border in Europe!

For those Bushies who are reading this you might take note that western Europe is where heath care seems to be universal along with strong government commitment for employee rights. Hey they can afford their own missile defense! Damn there I go again! This particular post is against Putin but I still stuck some jabs at Bush. Sorry cannot help it. But my point is that in America I don’t have to worry about our Boy Scouts harassing me for speaking out against the Administration, while in Russia their version of the Boy Scouts does harass for political purposes!

This blogger will attack both the left and the right when Democratic Ideals are at stake. I applaud NBC for their coverage of this issue! This nation had better regulate it’s investors from placing American capital into the hands of nations that pose a threat to our national security interest! There is nothing wrong with overseas investments as long as it fosters FAIR TRADE rather than serving as reinforcement for slave labor as in China!

Our national security must come before portfolio security! We are living in a Brave New World and the orthodoxies of liberalism and conservatism must be subjugated to the needs of America’s Silent Majority! That is to say our great Middle Class and those who aspire to be! God Bless America!

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