Senator Craig: Toilet Justice For GOP Hot Idaho Potato

Gosh yesterday it was Attorney General Gonzales and now the Republicans have a new hot potato – Idaho’s Senator Craig! Yes we can all laugh that a conservative family values Republican, who is against Gays, is accused of being one and soliciting sex in a bathroom. But wait there is an escape for the Republicans! With the Department Of Justice in turmoil perhaps Senator Craig can be nominated as “Solicitor General”!

Despite the fact that there were allegations about him and the Congressional pages years ago, let’s give Senator Craig the benefit of the doubt just for the one minute! Isn’t it strange that he should fall victim to “homophobia”! Now what would the Senator say if it was someone else who was charged? Being a good “Law and Order” Republican would he back the police in their Glorious Crusade to make our toilets free of those vile homosexuals! You would think if those vile homosexuals wanted to perform fellatio they would stay home and do it inside the context of a Gay Marriage! — OOPS seems the Senator is against Gays being allowed to marry or even serve in the military!

We must ask the question, “if it was someone else would the Senator believe them or the police if they claimed they were just taking a krap and they were just looking for toilet paper on the floor”? After all with a turd hanging you kind of get desperate! Something to think about the next time you are in a public toilet! Just moving your hands can get you into one hell of a mess! But then again the nice police can never be wrong now can they Senator Craig?

Well if the Senator is a closet bisexual then he is a damned hypocrite! If Senator Craig is NOT Gay or Bisexual then he is learning first hand how flimsy rules of evidence can convict someone of sexual solicitation! What is this? Are we not to accept the police and demand strict constructionalist rules of evividence! You know Senator this is something those homo loving, sissy pink liberals have been talking about for years but you conservatives believed that the police should not be questioned!

Finally we can all sit back and laugh as the Republicans receive their just reward of TOILET JUSTICE! I assume that being a conservative Republican Senator Craig served in the military!

Let’s just hope for the Republicans that when he was in the military his record for “dropping the soap” was within acceptable Republican parameters else his career will be flushed away!

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