Giuliani Opens His Big Mouth Yet Again

Giuliani’s statements that he was at ground zero more than the rescue workers are a joke! Hell the Firefighters Union has repudiated him on his so-called record of achievement. Below is a You Tube Video by a former leader of the NYC Fire Dept.

Giuliani who single handedly saved NYC from collapse now wants to do the same for our nation! God help us! This is the man who wanted to extend his term of office by having the City Council enacting an “Enabling Act” like the German Reichstag did after the Reichstag fire of 1933! Just imagine what he could do with our Constitution when the terrorists strike our nation again! America survived a Civil War and never missed an election! The UK changed its Prime Minister within 24 hours of an election in the midst of World War II. So why couldn’t NYC survive without Mayor Big Mouth?

The candidacy of former Mayor Rudolf Giuliani is a great example of how the legitimate need to “Kick Ass” when it comes to terrorists, can be sidetracked. But then again we have been engaged in a side show in Iraq for years when we should have taken the War On Terror back to their homeland in Afghanistan and the remote regions of Pakistan. Giuliani wants to continue the disaster in Iraq while Iran continues to assist the Shiites to use I.E.D’s that kill and maim our troops. Meanwhile the Al Qaeda Homeland in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s remote regions goes unchecked six years after 9-11. One success of the Republicans is that Afghan opium production which was at record levels last year has even exceeding it’s past record this year!

Yet Mayor Big Mouth wants us to be side tracked in Iraq and talks about they will follow us home to kill us! Let me make one thing clear I fully believe they will attack us and that is why I want to bring the terror back to Al Qaeda in her home turf. If Mayor Big Mouth is so concerned about them attacking us then maybe he should take note of his own Republican Party which places portfolio security over national security! Our borders are wide open, our airports and ports are not secure and Bush is now about to send Mexican trucks all over our nation’s roads! All of this because Corporate America’s profits come before National Security!

Democrats need to learn one lesson from the preliminary success of Giuliani among Republicans because it could be used against us in the general election! The lesson is this:

When it comes to terrorism if your are not for KICKING ASS then your are for KISSING ASS! Giuliani gives the perception of “Taking Action”! Americans will always prefer that to just being docile especially after Perl Harbor and 9-11! Obama gave a good suggestion concerning Pakistan. He did not say to invade but to surgically strike and then only if we know that Al Qaeda was in a spot and Pakistan would not take action!

The time has come for America’s Middle Class to stand up and not be invisable!

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