It’s The 60’s And Barak Obama Is Nixon – Yes But Doing It Right!

Back in the 60’s when the Vietnam War was the big discussion in college dorms, the issue was how to end the Vietnam War fast. Bleed slowly or take dynamic action such as blasting the Viet Cong from their safe haven in Cambodia! Barack Obama, who said he wants to turn the page from those days, seems to be reliving the very same issues, though the stage is different. Back then I believed America should first decide if it is our fight, then if so, fight to win or not make the investment! Nixon started to be dynamic then he went back to the “slow endless bleed” strategy that gave us the Vietnam and Korean Wars! I still believe our nation must strategically “choose” it’s fields of battle then once chosen fight to win! Just make sure it is the right war first! The war in Iraq is a waste but not the war in Afghanistan and Waziristan which is the heartland of Al Qaeda!

One way that Republicans can beat the Democrats is if they could separate their bad strategy in Iraq from the war on terrorism. When it comes to terrorism I believe in the Bush Doctrine of “Pre-emptive Strike”. My problem with Bush is that he took us into a side show in Iraq instead of fighting the War on Terror! How can one person have such a great idea as the doctrine of “The Pre-Emptive Strike”, then pig headedly undermine his whole strategy and our national seucrity by:

  • A side show in Iraq.
  • The Dubai Ports Deal,
  • Leaving our borders wide open,
  • His failure to control and inspect cargo in our ports six years after 9/11
  • Complete lack of control concerning the various Visa programs by allowing aliens to remain in this nation when their time is up. Most of the 9-11 hijackers initially came to this nation legally!

Barrack Obama did an excellent job in a recent speech even though some Democrats criticized him! Obama stated that he would meet with the leaders of rogue nations as Regan did with the leaders of the Soviet Union. Barak Obama also said he would attack Al Qaeda in both Afghanistan and Pakistan if our nation was threatened.

Shortly after our nation was born we took Florida because the Spanish, who owned it at the time, could not control the Native American tribes that attacked our then southern border in Georgia! Yes it is true the Spanish did not have nuclear weapons as the Pakistani’s do. But what are we to do wait till a Pakistani scientist gives Al Qaeda nuclear secrets and/or materials? Attacking Al Qaeda inside of Pakistan could entail a problem with China who is chummy with Pakistan! But if Pakistan cannot control Waziristan then it is not a part of Pakistan. If Americans are presented with the choice of sitting idly by while we get attacked again or being proactive, this nation will chose the latter! The problem for the Republicans is that Iraq is not being pro-active! But none the less many Americans would even prefer that to doing nothing in regards to Al Qaeda in Pakistan. Al Qaeda is again threatening our Homeland. They have released a new video saying they will destroy the White House!

Barack Obama came across as a Populist Democrat rather than a PC Democrat. He sounds like a welcome change especially after Hillary Clinton snuggled up to Microsoft and the Silicon Valley crowd when she supported destroying American Middle Class jobs in the technology sector! Hillary Clinton said Barack Obama is naive. Well if Hillary Clinton thinks she can support the H1-B Visa program and the American Middle Class will look the other way then she is naive not Obama!

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