Trojans Before Golden Parachutes

Mr. President put the condoms back in the stimulus plan! I for one am for the inclusion of Trojans in the Economic Stimulus Package! I feel that Trojans are getting a bad wrap in regard to the Stimulus Package! That’s right and I am not joking! Aside from the fact that Trojan makers are workers and increasing their factory workforce is good for America, did any of these wild eyed conservatives ever think about what happens in an economic down turn? People go for cheap entertainment – sex! What we don’t need now is more teenage pregnancy and WELFARE MOTHERS! Besides to hear the Republicans you would believe that Trojans are the main thrust of the Democratic plan! 

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Remember when George Bush came to office and Clinton left a balanced budget with a SURPLUS! Bush had no problem cutting taxes for the wealthy while our economy sank. His stewardship will result in not only this quasi-depression but the upcomming INFLATION! So what are we to do if we are to act fast? Hey there is no perfect economic plan.

Make no mistake about it George Bush set us up for both a depression and inflation and they will try to pin it on the Democrats because while we may avoid a full depression I doubt we can avoid the inflation!


But let’s say the Obama package does not work! Compare the residual effects compared to the Republican plan. The Republicans want us to bail out Corporate America and all we will have to show for it is golden parachutes for rich executives who don’t need it or contribute to our society. Oh yes and the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich. The residual effect is that we will have Corporate Jets and Vacations for the effete snobs of Corporate America! However if Obama’s plan fails well at least we will have:

  • Money to send school kids to view the Arts.
  • An energy independence program to fight our dependence on foreign and even domestic oil.
  • Roads, bridges and highways that are repaired.
  • A new national electric grid.
  • An auto industry that will have clean efficient technology to compete in the world market!
  • A new faster internet that will serve education and even corporate America.
  • Reduction of WELFARE MOTHERS by making condoms available to teens. Not every girl’s mom is the Governor of Alaska!
  • Our nation will have less unwanted fatherless boys roaming our streets raising the crime rate!

I choose TROJANS over GOLDEN PARACHUTES! Kudos to President Obama he is addressing an issue that the Republicans love to talk the talk but not do the walk! Don’t give me this krap that we need to teach kids abstinence! The religious right could have done that years ago but teen pregnancy continues to rise! No we are not going to base even 1% of the package on Trojans. But they are important!

Isn’t it amazing how the chorus of Republicans are out there not supporting our President in these troubled times yet when Bush was President they were all for “Drill Baby Drill” even if the results would take 15 years for a meager result. Their argument was that the market is based on “psychology” and if we demonstrate something is being done then that in itself brings IMMEDIATE market psychology benefits! Strange isn’t that infrastructure building will bring results in a far shorter time and is more massive, yet they don’t see a “rally psychology” in that! Oh maybe we should have another war with pork projects for Haliburton!

Let’s use Republican slogans now shall we! Oh they whine like they “own” America and patriotism! Well now why don’t they “Support our President in this time of crises”! America’s Great Silent Majority – our Middle Class demand it!

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