Cut And Run Capitalists Killing Our Troops

Once again in this era of licentious permissiveness the BLEEDING HEARTS of the Republican Party whine about how the Corporate Wealthy are so overburdened by regulations while they have driven our economy to the ground! Now apparently they have used OUR SOLDIERS to ground their profits by installing faulty electric equipment in our military bases in Iraq! One of Halliburton’s subsidiary’s fellow travelers, a company called “KBR” has now been blamed for the death of Staff Sgt. Ryan Maseth. He died from electrocution due to faulty electrical workmanship while taking a shower! He is not the first.

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What we are seeing my friends is just another example of an era of Licentious Permissiveness, where anything goes when it comes to corporations making money! Why not with Halliburton after all they not only do contract work for us in Iraq but also our sworn enemies, the Shiite nut jobs in Iran! Oh dear but we won’t want to put “REGULATIONS” now on these giant CORPORATE COLLECTIVISTS who make their money while we in the Middle Class work! Well that is at least those of us who have not seen our jobs off shored to foreign lands by these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who have no loyalty to the nation that gave them birth, protection and profits!

I would not want to hamper the profit making style of my “social betters” like those who invest in Halliburton? So what they invested in Iran, the nation who is sending arms to cripple and kill our soldiers! <See Video Above>. Saying “no” to corporations would undermine “freedom”! We need to know our social place! What place nasty “Regulations” on these advocates of 21st Century Collectivization? Never I say!

I believe in FREEDOM From Corporate Responsibility!

  • We should “Know our place” in the new scheme of “CORPORATE COLLECTIVIZATION”.
  • So what that de-regulation has placed us in a situation where we had to spend at least $700 billion to bail out Corporate America! Far better that we deregulate then spend $100 Billion on Universal Health Care. If we did that then people would be able to feel some “independence” from the CORPORATE COLLECTIVES they are employed by! We don’t want that!- NEVER!
  • Due to the large size of these Corporate Collectives we cannot let them fail thus we must  pay to bail them out ! But look at the bright side! Our futures will be bleak and we will fear for our jobs and being without universal health care, with fear of unemployment we can fall behind on either our mortgages and/or credit cards and thus pay higher interest to our SOCIAL BETTERS!

Yes my fellow Middle Class Americans and that is how they define “FREEDOM”!

I want freedom from corporate responsibility because it means:

  • Freedom from Universal Health Care!
  • Freedom From A secure economic future! Today on the MSNBC Website we have more good news! Business Week Magazine says we can forget about Retirement! Isn’t that wonderful!
  • YES FREEDOM FROM RETIREMENT! – Ah yes only in America! I only wish George Bush had his way and had privatized Social Security!

This is pure bull shit! When is the SILENT MAJORITY – our great Middle Class going to say enough of this! If my tax dollars are going to bail out these companies then we should collectively own a majority of their stock, at least till the government can recoup it’s losses! Who are these people to make millions of dollars in salaries while the President makes only $400K per year and has far more responsibility!

Look at what has happened to blue collar jobs but also white collar technical jobs! What jobs have not been off shored are now being filled legally by foreign H1-b Visa holders to force down the wages of those who are trying to adapt to the new age of technology! Some white collar employees are even unionizing in the computer field! Meanwhile these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS leave the nation and even take up phony Headquarters on Caribbean Islands to avoid paying their taxes! Haliburton however really is moving their Corporate HQ!

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That is why I use the term “CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS”. These are both corporations and individual investors who send America’s jobs, wealth, technology and security off shore, and frequently to the enemies of America! Look at the recent Dubai Ports deal! They don’t care for Port Security but “Portfolio Security” – theirs! Well the deal was stopped but none the less Halliburton has moved their Corporate Headquarters to Dubai! I guess they want to be closer to their fellow travelers in Iran! While you cannot always fault individual investors who buy foreign stocks, we need a program to protect America’s “PRODUCERS” – no I am not talking about rich Trust Fund kids who don’t have to work or even Heiresses! I am talking about the Silent Majority of America! That is to say our great forgotten Middle Class! Have you noticed how these effete snobs of privilege like to appropriate the term, “producers” for themselves? To hell with just rolling back the Bush Tax Cuts. We need to roll back the Reagan Tax Cuts! Strange isn’t it that in Europe they still have millionaires even with their higher tax rates! I am not against those who are rich. What I resent is those who are rich making it impossible for others to have a decent life! Do any of these people contribute 100 times more to society then those of us in the Middle Class?

The time has come to STAND UP FOR AMERICA against these effete snobs of privilege!

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