Guantanamo, Torture, Terrorism And The Jungian Shadow

Well finally it seems that some in our government are not going to play word games! Military Judge Susan Crawford prevented the prosecution of one terrorist because he was tortured. Also the new incoming Attorney General, Eric Holder has stated before Congress that “Water boarding is torture indeed”! Hey does anyone remember the self righteous Republicans ranting on Bill Clinton because he used word games to not take responsibility for his having sex with Monica Lewinsky? True Bill Clinton was wrong. But I have noticed something about Presidents who screw up. They either screw around with their marriages or they remain faithful to their wives but screw up their Constitutional Oath to the nation! Remember Richard Nixon!

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This blog is by a Non-PC Liberal Populist Democrat! I enjoyed listening to Keith Olbermann and I watch him often. But let me now present you my reader with the antithesis and then create a synthesis of practical idealism.

Carl Jung had an interesting theory. He called it “The Shadow”. We like to pretend we live in a world of light or idealism! The “flying boy” is one such myth that Jungians frequently use to illustrate how we don’t always want to accept that sometimes idealism doesn’t always serve us fully. We also like to point out other’s shadows but not our own. In a society that prides itself on “convenience”,

  • Where sex without the “ideal’ of immediate marriage is rationally tolerated,
  • Where the “convenience of abortion” is rationally accepted over the burden of idealistic pro-life theology or the diminution of hedonistic pleasure by wearing a condom we have a dilemma! No I am not against abortion but only trying to bring it out of the Jungian Shadow and demonstrate we can live with “cognitive dissonance“! <Read further>

That dilema is the “Ticking Bomb” scenario as presented by Allan Dershowitz! How do we deal with the fact that terrorists may soon have the capability of inflicting a plague on our nation or a nuclear catastrophe? Liberal lawyer Allan Dershowitz has advocated the usage of “Torture Warrants” in such cases. However to do so would then bring out into the light of day the fact that every nation will use torture under some circumstance and we would prefer not to lower our ideals! The video below should be viewed to balance Keith Olbermann’s above. You can relax while watching it as it is only some college kids making a point. It is not a real beheading!

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ISSUE: It is argued that using torture would subject our troops to the same practice!

ANSWER: The restricted usage would only be against terrorists who are about to cause massive civilian deaths not enemy troops engaged in combat. Besides just look at the beheadings that terrorists have done against innocent civilians! When faced with massive deaths shouldn’t we have the “CONVENIENCE” of extracting needed information even if it cannot be used to prosecute? In such a scenario it is lives that we value not conviction. Yes it will create “cognitive dissonance” between our behavior and our ideals but we value the “convenience” that abortion gives us! No I am not against abortion I am just trying to make us face our own cultural “Shadows”! Sure when it comes to torture, we can say “where will it end” but as a supporter of abortion I don’t seem to have a problem with “when will it end” now do I. Oh my God can you believe I said that!

ISSUE: Why not have such “Torture Warrants” issued by a “Committee For Public Safety” as the beheadings were sanctioned in the French Revolution?

ANSWER: This is a danger. Life is full of dangers. We had the “Reichstag Fire” and the resulting “Enabling Act” that justified Hitler’s rise to power. We live in an imperfect world! I like Allan Dershowitz’s answer! He wants it out in the public. That would “Jungian De-Shadowize” the issue. The Warrant would have to meet the ticking bomb criteria, made public and signed by the Chief Justice and the President!

One reason why Republicans and Conservatives get away with all the things they do is that Liberals frequently “surrender” the issue of patriotism and national security to Conservatives and Republicans! In the prior election however this was not the case we finally cleaned up our act. We separated the issue of the current war from the issue of national security! None the less you can count on my fellow liberals who love to go on masochistic binges by defending stupid behavior! But then again if more guys purchased a Trojan and “suffered” the inconvenience (oops bad word “inconvenience”) of some diminution of sexual pleasure then there would be less children born out of wedlock and/or less abortions! If more woman insisted on this then there would be less need of the “convenience” of an abortion! But let’s not deal with “our Jungian Shadows as liberals, but point with self righteous indignation instead at the Republicans!


<Momentarily stopping my blog writting>

Taking slow breathes!

It’s Ok look at the body of this blog I am basically a flaming leftie!

I will be ok!

I will be home to watch the inauguration and every thing will be just fine!

There now I feel better!

My fellow Liberal Democrats I want more inaugurations of future Liberal Democrats as President and as members of Congress. We must push for corporations to have “Social Responsibility”! Let’s insure that by not letting Conservatives “steal” the issues of patriotism and defending America else we will lose future elections! Oh yes –  “God Bless America”!

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