Should We Bail Out The Auto Industry

Earlier today CEO’s of the big three came to the capital each in their private jet to say how they are going to cost trim. Isn’t it amazing that companies and even motivational guru’s can praise concepts like “Kaizen” or “CANEI” where worker groups are encouraged to create “profitable innovations” then be compensated merely by praise instead of money while corporate heads can be compensated with millions and fly in private jets to Congress to request billions for their mismanagement! Maybe we should do the opposite! Maybe that is why they are in the situation they are now because the real “ATLAS SHRUGGED”!

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I believe the auto companies need to first go into bankruptcy with their chief executives fired! THEN our nation can intervene with a printing press cash infusion that would be reciprocated with both a contract to reform and a share of their corporate stocks. These stocks could latter be sold to generate a profit for our society that risked this investment!

I do not believe America should go into debt for the effete snobs of corporate America when we have pressing needs for Universal Health Care and funding for Alternative Fuel Research and Development. Tonight I heard Mitt Romney saying that the big three American Automakers need to become “competitive”. If I heard Barrack Obama state that I would agree. But when I hear Mitt Romney say the word “competitive”, I get a shiver up my spine.

When Republicans say “competitive” what they really mean is that employees should reduce their salaries to that of third world countries. Yes there will be the need for the UAW Union to compromise but I reject a bailout that would include a substantial lowering of wages and/or the movement of auto manufacturing off shore. What then is the purpose if the big three auto companies decide to renounce their American identity! Why should we bail them out!

Now that the American auto industry has followed Rush Limbaugh and manufactured these dinosaur cars called “SUVs” why aren’t the Republicans willing to help them. After all if you listen to Rush Limbaugh you would think that driving an SUV is a patriotic act!

President – Elect Barrack Obama has stated he would like to see the auto industry become the leaders in “Green Technology” and have America take the lead in selling fuel efficient cars to the world! I agree! Instead of shipping American jobs overseas we should ship cars instead. But I also believe there is another marketing niche that the American auto industry is ignoring.

One Indian company is making a small non-frills “starter” car that they hope to flood the Indian market with. In the third world there is an emerging middle class and a “proto middle class” that is financially above poverty but not quite ready to be called “middle class”. These folks would love to be able to buy a car but they need a “no frills” type car that has manual transmission, no radio or a/c. They cannot afford a regular car but do want to own a car. True this would not sell in the United States but this is the only type of car that some could afford currently in the Third World. This class of consumer is above poverty but not quite middle class. We should not surrender this marketing niche to foreign Automakers!

Finally since the UAW is going to have to give some concessions I would suggest: the auto companies give them stock in lieu of pay increases and they have some quota of representatives on the corporate board of directors!

Hey isn’t that why George Bush wanted to allow younger workers to opt out of Social Security deductions for a private investment accounts so they would “identify” with the ruling class! Well forcing the big three auto makers to give their union workers stock and a quota of representatives on their board is better than the ‘praise compensation” of CANEI or “Kaizen”! If the new executives of the big three auto firms along with executives of welfare recipient AIG do well then instead of being compensated with money we can use their CANEI or Kaizen method and simply call a company meeting and give them “praise”. Hey that is the way to “motivate” them right? Well why treat workers to that and not executives!

The Middle Class has had enough of these effete snobs of privilege!

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