AIG Go To Hell

Isn’t amazing that we can bail out AIG with the cost going up between 110 to 150 billion yet we cannot afford 75 – 100 billion per year for Universal Health Care! AIG screwed me when I worked for them. We lived in fear each year near the holidays that we would be subject to “re-org”! Sometimes they would then offer us a position as a “PERMANENT TEMP”. This would reset the pension clock if we were taken back. When I worked there they had an entire division of “AIG TEMPS” who worked full time permanently! This relieved AIG of paying them a pension and vacation time. Hell they did this so as not to pay external temp contracter companies. Nothing wrong with that but not when these employees are really full time PERMANENT TEMPS!

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Yes there are valid needs for temps but those people really work seasonally not as a permanent subclass without health care, pension or vacation. Then there was “good ole Hank Greenberg”! Well he wasn’t known by the name “Hank” when I was there. His name is “Maurice Richard Greenberg” or as he would sign every company memo “MR Greenberg”! When I finally left AIG to take a civil service job I had a small pension but five years letter they sent me a smaller check for $1,600 and terminated my pension.

Oh yes this is the company that had as one of it’s divisions “Socialist Countries”. They had no problem investing in the enemies of America. But they did have a problem giving honest Americans employment as computer programmers! You know the employment category that is supposed to be the fall back for auto workers and other displaced workers once they “buckle down” and study! Read what the “Programmers Guild” has to say about AIG and how they took in foreign computer workers just so they could fire their higher paid American programmers.

Then these idiots have the audacity to give their executives bonuses after we bail them out! AIG is a classic example how the Middle Class is being screwed by the corporate elite and their “wealth redistribution program” from the middle class to the effete snobs of the corporate elite!

Might I suggest that instead of worrying about our “social betters” with their bloated “sense of entitlement”, every AIG employee should be given a calendar with “good ole Hank Greenberg’s” picture on it! The calendar would then list the day in the year when the AIG employee’s total compensation would equal the total compensation that the executives and good ole “Hank Greenberg” made on just the first working day of the year! I bet the end of the year would come and AIG employees would still not reach that point!

There is a new consciousness in America! It was predicted in part by the old hippie era book, “The Greening Of America” when it mentions “Consciousness III”! It is sweeping America with the recent election. It is “Middle Class Consciousness! Americans are now asking themselves, “Why are only corporations allowed to pursue their self interest”?

  • Hey it’s not like these fat cats actually EARNED their money!
  • What contribution did these AIG executives or any of the top 5% do to earn such money?
  • Did they work harder than you or me?

No one is trying to stop folks from becoming millionaires. But isn’t it amazing that in Western and Northern Europe where they have semi-socialism they still have millionaires and even multi-billionaires! What is not tolerated in Europe is the bloated “sense of entitlement”! Like Europe, we simply cannot afford this bleeding heart syndrome for the effete snobs of privilege anymore! As Senator Joe Biden has said, “It is time to be PATRIOTIC, time to be part of the solution”! I agree 100%. Hey it’s not like they EARNED IT! Sure they work hard but so do you dear reader! So do I! Fine someone makes two three even four times more than you but what did the executives of AIG do to earn such money.

Let me ask you a rhetorical question!

Would you support giving every African American a check for $50,000.00 in lieu of the uncompensated work their ancestors did while slaves? Well the idea is understandable but most Americans would correctly say “sorry no”. What work their ancestors did does not count, it is the work you do today! The individual must EARN his money. Fine then can you tell me why Cindy McCain has inherited near 88 Million dollars! Seems the over compensated work her ancestor did is still paying off today! No I am not against passing on an inheritance! The issue is priorities and fairness in a FREE SOCIETY! The issue is her opposition to pay a little extra in taxes so the rest of us can have Universal Health Care. It’s not like she earned it for God’s sake! We need employment where we don’t compete against foreign slave wages! Americans need UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE! The silent majority just does not have the time to pity our “social betters” with their bloated “SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT”! 

That is why we have the progressive income tax! It’s just reality checking in! Not to mention that after AIG earned corporate profits from their “Socialist Countries Division” it is just time to be well “PATRIOTIC”. Three cheers for Vice President – Elect Joe Biden!

The Silent Majority has had enough!


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