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Well it is one week after the election and the future of America is looking up! I am happy as heck but never believed this would happen. The time has come to roll back the evils of the Bush era! Hell let’s not only roll back the Bush tax cuts but the Reagan tax cuts also! I love the bull that the bleeding hearts of the Republican Party whine on the news media! They whine that we Democrats want to engage in a “Wealth Redistribution Program. Excuse me that is what has been going on since Bush took office!

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<Enjoy the Video above and show it to your Republican friends they will hate you for it!>

The Middle Class has seen it’s wealth and job opportunities exported to the Third World while the Upper Class reaps the profits. First it was blue collar jobs. But that wasn’t enough for them! Many like myself studied computer science with the hopes of achieving a better life. Then corporate America introduced the H1-b Visa program to fill the few remaining high tech jobs with cheap foreign workers who must fear for the good will of their employers. Is it any wonder many college students don’t see the point in taking a computer curriculum? What is the INCENTIVE? The “Wall Street Journal” last year in March stated that accounting, bio tech, financial analyst and other white collar jobs will follow! Apparently to earn a living you must secure it from your portfolio or corporate executive job. Blue collar and yes even white collar jobs are for the under class in the Republican scheme of things! Yes the very folks who whine about innovation and incentive being hampered by government intervention have no problem with orchestrating government intervention to destroy the carrer hopes of many college graduates. Then they wonder why “Atlas Shrugged”!

Well there is a new dawn arising in America! “MIDDLE CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS”! We allow the MYTH that some should make millions per year in order to enhance creativity and motivation! But at the same time we must ask ourselves:

  • Why should a corporate executive make millions per year”?
  • What contribution to society is he making?
  • Did he or she create a cure for canceer?
  • What contribution did Mrs. McCain make to society when she inherited $88 Million while her fellow travelers try to deny middle class Americans universal health care and some type of employment security!

No one wants to stop incentives and innovation but there needs to be a balance. That is why progressive taxation is so important! Today I heard Rush Limbaugh ask a caller how much money she wants to make. She said $200,000.00 per year. Rush then told her she is then at the limit of the American Dream under Barrack Obama! Really Rush?

Isn’t it amazing that in Northern and Western Europe where they have socialism they still have millionaires and yes even multi-billionaires! So Rush Limbaugh should stop his whining! Hey it isn’t like they ACTUALLY WORKED FOR IT! <Wow can you believe I said that>

I don not begrudge Cindy McCain her $88 Million that she never worked for but just inherited! But the time has come in this nation when the SILENT MAJORITY, those of us who have to work for a living, and yes even fear that this can be taken away from us, demand equal treatment and a government that is responsive to our needs!

Believe me if just working alone was a guarantee of success then the corporate top 5% would not have K-STREET pushing for “government intervention” to serve their agenda! This election has demonstrated that the SILENT MAJORITY wants Universal Health care rather than welfare for the rich! Sure it’s ok to be a millionaire but what about me is the new mantra of the middle class!

We cannot get involved in the compensation for every job title. Let the market do that. But tax time is time for a check in with REALITY! No ne wants to stop folks from being millionaires! But the middle class has been the victim of the Republican Wealth Redistribution Scheme for too long. More and more Americans are starting to see this! I know the video below has got to be a joke but I think there is some truth in it. You can always hope. Anyway I am feeling giddy afterr the election victory so enjoy have a laugh!

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I know several conservatives who took a beating in the stock market and said they voted for Barrack Obama because he will bring stability to the market even if they have to pay higher taxes! The economy may make even Klansmen think! More and more Americans, while not trying to stop anyone from being a millionaire or hamper creative innovation, do wonder what many in the upper five percent actually do to be compensated to such a great degree over the average American.

Like it’s not that most of these upper 5% ACTUALLY EARNED THE COMPENSATION THEY RECEIVE!

Sure they work but do they do so one hundred times more than you or me? I don’t think so! Barrack Obama needs to be the Pontifex Maximus for the new era. He must not merely act as a reverse George Bush but become the “Philosopher – President” like FDR and JFK! I We need to bring “European Innovations” to America! The first was “Social Security”. Can you imagine if George Bush had his way when he wanted to allow younger workers to switch to private investment accounts? First the drain on a smaller base for Social Security. Then the stock market disaster! Bush wanted to make more people “identify” with the upper class. Hell most of us already have stocks yet that doesn’t change the fact that if you loose your job your stocks will be gone soon. Barrack Obama needs to help the average American acquire more MIDDLE CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS!

You can feel the fear in the Republicans!



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