Debate Review: Talking Points For Obama

I just finished watching the Presidential Debate between John McCain and Barrack Obama! As an Obama supporter I wish he would go more on the offensive! John McCain came on as a little nasty and  pushy! He seemed to have reverted to his prior strategy of “experience”. Obama was being polite and we need to see if that comes across positively with the public! I feel it will come across as being a wimp!

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(I was reminded of the above Video while watching the debate. I would add though that Senator McCain has adopted two children from Asia so he is a good man.  But his speeches can be angry)

Let me repeat a maxim that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid simply have not learned and perhaps Barrack Obama has not learned!

If you cannot forcefully defend your own political philosophy the American public rightly or wrongly will believe how then can you defend Middle Class interests and the interests of the United States around the world! Furthermore American voters like “action figures”. Even if those figures destroy their real friends, the average citizen has such a feeling of “OVERWHELMING IMPOTENCE” in the face of their day to day lives that Sarah Palin giving lipstick zingers acts vicariously as the “compensatory power” they wish they had in their own lives!

I can say what I feel as I am not a politician running for office! For those of you who remember the book, “The Greening Of America”, a new “Consciousness” is arising in America. The book calls it “Third Force Consciousness”.

I call it “MIDDLE CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS”. Slowly the Silent Majority are realizing our own “CLASS INTEREST” and not allowing fear to make us serve and internalize the needs of the upper class as our own!

As a humble observer with a degree in Psychology here is the advice I would give to Barrack Obama! When John McCain raised the following issues here is how I would respond with the following in addition to what he said or amplifying what he said!

McCain: The surge is winning and you would have us leave in defeat!

ANSWER: We are not leaving in defeat our brave troops fulfilled the constitutionally issued Mandate of the American Congress to over turn Sadam Hussein! Perhaps John McCain does not get it! “Mission Accomplished”! We have already won the war! Congress did not mandate the Republican wild eyed Social Engineering Experiment that is attempting to deal with the Shiite – Sunni rift of 1300 years! We know the Surge can work, we need a Surge in Afghanistan! Besides both the Iraqi President and Prime Minister want us to give them a time table for our withdrawal! Didn’t our troops die there so Iraq could have self determination?

McCain: We should not have contact with Iran!

ANSWER: Well then how about the CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS like Halliburton that has a subsidiary in Iran and General Electric which was selling Iran technological products! I guess it is alright to aid those who kill and injure our troops when it is done for profit! Second, while a Star Wars anti – missile system is a good idea the one we are going to build in eastern Europe does not help the United States and is stated to only be effective against rogue states! Fine then what message are we sending Iran if we tell them we will not tolerate them having nuclear weapons! The very PREMISE of this system is based on that we WILL allow them nuclear weapons! If we are not to have contact with Iran what does it mean that our supposed ally, “Iraq” has relations with Iran and the Iraqi Prime Minister has even visited Iran.

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(The above Video addresses the issue of  Palin vs Obama’s experience)

McCain: I have the experience and Obama doesn’t!

ANSWER: “Why yes John you are correct! Your running mate can see Russia from her home and being that I am from Illinois I lack that vast foreign policy Experience! I only have Senator Joe Biden a heart beat away from myself if something happens but you have Sarah Palin”!

  • Being Governor of Alaska and situated next door to Russia is kind of like having foreign policy experience! Only you have no responsibility for dealing with the Russians nor really talking to them”!
  • What’s the difference between the foreign policy experience of an Alaskan Salmon and the Governor of Alaska? — LIP STICK! Well that might be unfair to the Alaskan Salmon as they swim occasionally into Russian territorial waters and hence have some experience abroad!

The time has come for Democrats to forget about generating “Bad Karma” and start kicking Ass!

Let’s take back America from these effete snobs of the corporate class. No Bailout for the Wall Street lackeys – PERIOD! If this crisis really is an economic equivalent of 9/11 then let’s Nationalize the Banks, AIG and Credit Card Companies! We can call it the “FISCAL PATRIOT ACT”! Let’s use their rhetoric! That’s it!





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