McCain Says Cut Budget To Save The Rich

John McCain is playing the “Patriot Game” and placing the welfare of the upper 5% over the class interests of the Silent Majority – our great Middle Class! While speaking to NBC’s Brian Williams, John McCain said the nation’s elected officials should place the needs and agenda of America’s Corporate Class above the money allocated by our constitutionally elected officials. Let me make one thing clear! I don’t like earmarks in general though what is an earmark to one could be a vital necessity to another! None the less I would be more willing to spend millions of dollars that were allocated by our constitutionally elected representatives to study the mating habits of monarch butterflies in North Dakota than to spend one penny subsidizing the rich fat cats of Wall Street!

First we are told that America cannot afford Universal Health Care but we MUST allocate immediately 700 Trillion Dollars to prop up the reckless behavior of Wall Street! Regardless if you believe in Universal Health Care or not! (I Do). Why are we to march lock step to the music of John McCain and his fellow traveler George Bush! Like a little baby John McCain is holding the debates hostage to our acceptance of this program! You can see his selfishness when in the above interview he talks about wanting “Town Hall Meetings”. So if he had “Town Hall Meetings” where he could pack them with political hacks then he would forget the fiscal crises? He speaks of wasteful government spending yet when Bill Clinton left office we had a budget surplus!

We are in this financial mess because John McCain and his fellow traveler George Bush have committed this nation to a vast Wild Eyed SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT IN IRAQ! They continue to pump lives and money into this project years after the Congressional goals of the war were fulfilled! Years after “Mission Accomplished” they now talk about a one hundred year commitment while the War on Terror is being lost in Afghanistan!

Where is the NEWS MEDIA on the facts of this financial mess? We are witnessing yet again more Pro-conservative news media biases! You never hear the role of the Iraq War and its effect on our economy from these talking heads! Yet the Republicans whine about the news media being biased against them! When will the Democrats get some spine and go on the attack instead of merely being “reactors”!

The time has come for The Middle Class, America’s Silent Majority to stand up to these effete snobs of Corporate America and say enough! No bail out! Protect America from the licentious permissiveness of deregulation!




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