Rep. Issa Doing What We Democrats Should Have Done

Americans lost their lives in the vain quest for Iraqi WMD while Bush and his fellow travelers sent us into a deficit creating Republican social engineering experiment in Iraq.  Did Obama try to investigate this or push Congress to investigate this? No all you heard is the wimpy purr of pussy cats while Obama tried to get Democrats and Republicans to sing “Kum-bye-yah”

Progressive Commentator Ed Schultz gets all fired up in the video clip below about Rep. Issa’s plans to persecute Obama when he takes over the new Republican dominated House Oversight Committee. Remember when Obama took office and decided to drop the investigations of George Bush and how we got into Iraq? (see the video below).

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My advice to Ed Schultz and my fellow Progressives is SCREW OBAMA!

This fricken wimp deserves what he gets! If you believe as I do in “Change We Can Believe In” then “Barrack The Testosterone Deficient” must be pushed aside in a Democratic primary! If that fails then we need to form a new “Social Democratic Party” along western and northern European models.

Obama Should Learn From FDR

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt could not play basketball as does Barrack Obama!
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt could only walk with crutches!
  • President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was like Obama in that both are gifted ovators!

But FDR knew how to treat these “economic royalists” called “Republicans! In the game of politics wheel chair ridden FDR could shoot more baskets than Obama ever could! But then again FDR made the choice to USE his skill as an orator while Obama just purrs and meows to the tune of “Kumb-bye-yah”!

In fact if you listen to some of FDR’s speeches on YouTube you have to wonder if our nation’s educational system was secretly purged! No one talks about FDR’s attempt for a SECOND BILL OF RIGHTS!(See the video below)

Meanwhile Obama the wimpy hearted cannot even muster the base for a constitutional amendment to reverse the Supreme Court giving corporations the right to force you and me to subsidize their K-Street operations and their influencing of our electoral process! Every time we make a purchase part of the money can be used to serve the interests of the Corporate Collectivists!

President Roosevelt Vs. The Nanny State For The Rich

QUESTION: How could anyone throw away sweeping control of the House, the Senate and the Executive Branch of Government?

ANSWER: Barrack Obama received more money from Goldman Sach’s elites then any candidate! Even liberal hero Charles Schumer got loads from Wall Street! Harry Reid got a wheel barrel of campaign contributions from  Big Pharma, being one of their biggest recipients! And you wonder why there was no Public Option!

But even with this Obama could have donned his authority as President and go to the nation directly. All three of the above progressives are good at heart but cannot break out of their corporate sandbox due to the need for campaign money. But Obama has the bully pulpit. Even if no progressive laws where passed he would be a winner if he followed FDR and spoke about the “Economic Royalists” and “Organized Money”. Because doing so would change the political landscape.

Americans need to become aware of the CLASS WARFARE that is being waged against the middle class by these economic royalists! They will try to cut Social Security because they believe their millionaire kids have an “ENTITLEMENT” to a million dollar trust fund. So let’s all work a few more years past 65 so that our social betters can give their kids a “TRUST FUND NANNY STATE!

Nanny State For The Rich Founded On Middle Class  Working Past 65!

The Brave New World Of The Nanny State For The Rich will be based on:

  • Those of us who are lucky to have jobs  can work for reduced income while they ship both our blue collar AND white collar jobs overseas!
  • We will work past 65 to serve our social betters by sacrificing our pensions and social security for the Trust Funds of the Corporate elite’s children!
  • Corporations will practice “Taxation Without Representation” every time we make a purchase. The Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are persons and can wage political campaigns.
  • Democrats will “play” liberal inside the confines of the Corporate Sandbox. Just like Obama, Reid and Schumer have done!

Don’t be fooled it isn’t just blue collar jobs that are leaving this nation but white collar jobs also! Where the hell  is Obama? Many believe he will call for the weakening of Social Security in his State Of The Union address!


We need Senator Bernie Sanders For President!

If all we have to hope for is six more years of the same I would rather we Democrats loose the Presidency and turn into the “Social Democratic Party”. We need to start kicking butts!

  • The time has come to raise the issue of the growing income gap!
  • The success of our economy should not be measured by the flow of income to shareholders but how it “Trickles Up” from a high paid middle class that has a low unemployment rate!
  • We must pursue economic nationalism.
  • If we could flourish under “Ike” with massive unionization and a 91% Progressive Income Tax then we can do it again!

Let’s end the Nanny State For Goldman Sachs And The Rich!

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