Country First – Nationalize AIG And The Banks

John McCain’s slogan is “Country First”! Therefore why should we rush this bailout for Wall Street? If our banks and credit institutions fail we should simply NATIONALIZE THE BANKS AND CREDIT CARD COMPANIES!

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(The Above Video by “The Young Turks” collaborates  a point I made in a prior post and goes beyond with some EXCELLENT additional insights)

I am sick of our nation being pushed by the Republican politics of fear! Instead of rushing this bailout for AIG, a company that fired many of it programmers after first having them train their H1-b foreign replacements, I suggest we wait out the supposed banking crises when AIG goes belly up! By the way as a former employee I hope they do go under! If there is a problem with our banking system this is 2008 not 1929 and our society no longer suffers from many free market hang ups! Nationalize the banks and credit card companies! The Republicans seem to believe this nation must automatically self destruct unless we surrender to their crony protectionist scheme! Why are we to saddle our nation with the risk and cost equivalent of two Iraqi Wars? No way! What for the effete snobs of AIG? That company used to “re-org” folks out of work every two years. Then hire them back as full time temps and six months latter rehire them. Now the pension clock was set back! I know I was one of them!

America’s Silent Majority – Our Great Middle Class are growing tired of those who make huge sums of money but lack Social Responsibility to the society and nation that allows them to do so. Let’s remember WE RESENT THOSE WHO MAKE FAR MORE THAN US AND IT IS A HEALTHY RESENTMENT! What have they done to be so over compensated! Let them experience, as one Congresswoman stated, “Not a Golden Parachute but a crash landing as most Americans experience”!

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Tonight John McCain played a great political game and attempted to suspend the debates and campaign. Great first we suspend our constitutional guarantees with the Patriot Act and wage a Republican Wild Eyed Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq that brought us to this financial crisis! Now we are supposed to “trust” the Republicans in this new national crisis that they and their fellow travelers on Wall Street brought about. As I mentioned in my prior post isn’t it amazing how we don’t have the money for Universal Health Care yet the Middle Class taxpayer is supposed to finance this wild eyed social engineering experiment in Iraq years after “Mission Accomplished”! We had election campaigns in the midst of World Wars and Civil Wars. What’s the worst that can happen? Nationalize the banks and credit card companies! 

When Bill Clinton left office we had a balanced budget. George Bush destroyed that with his Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq. Little minor details like the differences between Shiite and Sunni never seemed to bother the Social Engineering Experts at the Republican Party! Now McCain wants to continue this for 100 years! It used to be said, and I never even agreed with it, that “politics ends at our shores”! Now Politics is to end at Wall Street! The Republicans are to “PONTIFICATE” what is our national interest and we are all to meekly follow! We are all like good little slaves to serve the Corporate Collective! Ah yes they have a term for this! They call it “FREEDOM”.

  • Freedom from economic security!
  • Freedom from Universal Health Insurance I rather serve my social betters and insure AIG!
  • Freedom from Democratic decision making as corporations and their lobbyists know best for the Silent Majority!
  • Freedom from stability as I grow older in the work force! What need do I have for that! My lot is to serve my social betters!

The time has come for Republicans to remember the “lessons of history”! A phrase they so love to quote! Hitler took power in the fear of the Reichstag Fire! We have had enough “Enabling Acts” since Bush and Cheney took office!

Stand Up For America and the Hell With AIG and Wall Street. If the banks and credit institutions start to go then “Country First”!


Then we will not have to rush this kidnapping of our economic future by these effete snobs of corporate America!

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