Universal Health Care vs. Saving AIG

Gosh golly I thought the costs of Universal Health Insurance would be impossible to pay for according to the same folks who gave us this costly Wild Eyed Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq! But now that AIG is going belly up Americans are expected to foot the bill for a company that underwrote the destruction of American worker’s middle class lifestyle! The “Programmer’s Guild”, which is embryonic union for Computer Professionals, has stated that AIG has undermined the salaries of American computer workers by using foreign H1-b workers and even forcing their own American employees at AIG to train foreign replacement computer workers!

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Why is it that Universal Health Care costs were said to be out of range for our society yet the American Middle Class must underwrite a Corporation that undermines skilled American workers! You see it is not just a blue collar issue! How come we as a society can be called upon to arouse our national resources to save the corporate giants but not to establish Universal Health Care! While the effete snobs of the corporate world bail out on their golden parachutes the Silent Majority is expected to underwrite their greed yet be denied Universal Health Care!

If we had Universal Health Care we would be independent of the Corporate Collectives! Some of us who are computer oriented might even start our own consulting business! But the costs of individual health care are to prohibitive! All would have the freedom to change jobs without fearing the loss of health care!

Republicans do not want us to have this freedom! They INSTEAD want to give us:

·FREEDOM from health care!

· FREEDOM from economic security!

· FREEDOM from tying to make a better life by going back to college and taking technical courses THEN importing foreign technological workers to fill the jobs they don’t ship overseas!

· FREEDOM to pay ever increasing unregulated rates and charges to credit cards and mortgage companies while the effete snobs profit from our pain!

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I applaud Senator Joe Biden in demanding that the upper 5% pay a higher percentage of taxes! It’s the patriotic thing to do for those who benefit from easy money! After all it is secondary income from stocks not work. Further we the Silent Majority allow this ridiculous over compensation for executives who even make more than the President of the United States! Instead of being the lackeys of the Corporate Class and being told how many days we have to work each year until we finish paying our taxes, I propose instead informing every corporate employee something else with a note in their pay check! Every employee should be told how many days they have to work before they reach the total compensation of the Corporation CEO receives in one day!

Tax day is merely a time for a check into reality for those who are so promiscuously over compensated! Who are they to earn hundreds of times more than me! There is a movement in the corporate world where employees are encouraged to make suggestions to help the company profit. Yet they get little financial compensation. Instead they get social reinforcement! Let’s use the same thing with CEOs! Don’t give them big bonuses instead have a meeting and say, “Lets have a big round of applause for Bill Gates for his new innovations in Windows Vista!

Sure I grant doctors the right to earn more than me! But when someone is making millions per year there comes a time for some SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY! Oh dear did I say a bad word in this era of Licentious Permissiveness! Gee I don’t see these companies running now to some tropical island to set up their headquarters! I have to work not just for pay but for “pain avoidance“! I have bills. Let these effete snobs join the rest of the Silent Majority!

Maybe George Bush and his fellow traveler John McCain should now advocate the privatization of Social Security as they did a few years back! God imagine if this nation had followed their advice! This bail out is going to cost us the price of two Iraqi Wars!

The time has come to say NO to a third term for George Bush’s and his fellow traveler John McCain!

Stand up For America and the Middle Class!


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