The Iraq War And Deregulation Screwed Our Economy

We live in an era of Licentious Permissiveness where Corporations come before people! On Friday “NBC Nightly News” Anchor Brian Williams said “the cost of this bailout is equal to two Iraqi Wars”! Yet the Philosophers of Corporate Permissiveness will rant against the Middle Class as McCain advisor Phil Graham calls us a “Nation of Whiners”! These are the very same people, who gave us the wild eyed Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq! It has taken us longer than our occupation of Nazi Germany but cannot produce results, yet they tell us we cannot afford Universal Health Care! Well McCain economic advisor, Senator Phil Gramm thinks we are a nation of “whinners”!
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Make no mistake about it! This crises was not simply caused by an era of Licentious Permissiveness in the Corporate Boardroom without accountability, but also the Republican continuance of this Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq long after “Mission Accomplished”! The Republicans,where not satisfied with the Bush Tax cut to the wealthy and the destruction of the Bill Clinton budget surplus! They then ran up a monumental war debt while the War on Terror went and still goes largely unfought! They are the ones who gave us this financial crises! With home loans being made that had floating rates what do you think is going to happen when our nation goes from a budget surplus to a monumental war debt and interest rates go up?

I don’t see any rush now by the big companies to leave America when they can get a handout for their mismanagement! Does anyone see the extensive program of “Wealth Distribution” from the Middle Class to the Corporate Upper Class! Why should we have to carry the burden! Their motto is:

Private Profits – Socialized Risk and Debt!

We can find the national resolve to bail out the corporations but where is that same resolve when the issue is UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE! These parasites no longer engage in exporting goods and services but instead they export American jobs (both blue and white collar) along with American technology. Frequently even to the enemies of freedom! Then they undermine the college technological graduate by importing cheaper H1-b Visa workers to fill the technology jobs here that they do not export! All the while the push for the redistribution of wealth away from the Producers in this society to it’s parasites in the Corporate Class! Yet the bleeding hearts of the Republican Party will not Stand Up For America as Senator Joe Biden has so wonderfully stated!

We the producers in this nation, the Silent Majority or Middle Class, are willing to “tolerate” the nonsense of disproportionate compensation in order to spur creativity! But there comes a time when the piper must be paid! We need to return to the tax schedules that were in existence prior to Ronald Reagan! How many days does an employee of a corporation have to work until his compensation equals that of a CEO! Sure it is ok to pay CEO’s more! But they have been getting away with murder! Tax time is a “check in with reality”! They make too much – period!

While we have to perform this bail out as they have entwined “Corporate Interest” with our National Economic Survival, we cannot let them add to our national debt the cost of two Iraq Wars on top of the one we are already waging! (See the Video Below)

When the “Referee” or Government leaves the field of competition it does not result in an increase of freedom! Rather the BULLY now fills the vacuum! We are living in an era of Corporate Collectivism! We cannot even leave our jobs to start our own business because we depend on the Corporation for our Health Care! Without regulation Corporate greed runs wild! We need SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY in this era of corporate licentious permissiveness!

In this environment we have John McCain talking about the “fundamentals of our economy” being strong because the American Worker is strong! Where was he when he and his fellow travelers in the Corporate Class redistributed the wealth of America’s Producers! He was for the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy!

Many upper class folks (not all) attempt to deprive the Middle Class of Universal Health Care! No this age of Licentious Permissiveness must come to an end! Let us join with Senator Joe Biden in urging a repeal of the Bush Tax Cuts! Let the upper 5% pay more it is only patriotic!

Stand up for America and our Middle Class – the Silent Majority!

Vote for Barrack Obama and Joe Biden this November!

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