Obama Signs Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell Repeal

When confronted with racial discrimination in the military President Harry Truman took the poll data concerning views of American servicemen and then just laid it aside to do the right thing. The reason for that is that human rights are not subject of majority confirmation. They are rights – period!

Amazing isn’t it that people want to serve and fight in these two wars yet conservatives have tried to undermine their rights while backing the rights of “corporations as persons”! Then there is the other meaning of “Don’t Ask –  Don’t Tell”! What am I referring to? Well George Bush’s record in the National Guard which he never finished.

The news media follows the guideline of “Don’t Ask” and “Don’t Tell” concerning former President Bush’s military record.

Apparently our brave young lad who latter became President of the United States was either drunk, on cocaine or just to involved in other things to finish his six years of duty!

Recently the Commandant of the Marine Corp said he feared that the repeal of Don’t Ask –  Don’t Tell could serve to distract troops and cause either deaths or a soldier loosing his leg! Well maybe his marines should learn the military art of “self discipline” or doesn’t the Marine Corp teach that?

If we are worried about our troops then perhaps we as a nation should exercise some “self discipline” before we put our troops in harms way! There were no Iraqi WMD and now Iran no longer faces a hostile Sunni Iraq. But the Republicans are more concerned with the rights of “corporations as persons” than Gay soldiers who want to serve in the military. The Republicans worry about Wiki Leaks leaking information while they send our troops to die on the basis of false information of WMD in Iraq!

These “corporate persons” serve in Iraq to gain profit for their shareholders! Perhaps we should send Halliburton shareholders to Iraq! We need to strip corporations of their so called right of personhood and instead allow Gays full rights as human beings! Below Bill Mahers advocates sending the Sean Hannity and the Rush Limbaugh types  to Iraq.

Unfortunately President Obama may have gained the rights of Gays to die for our country at the expense of giving the rich shareholders of these “corporate persons” a tax reduction in their war profits! I applaud President Obama for signing the repeal of “Don’t Ask –  Don’t Tell”! But since the Republicans want to idealize the 1950’s when Gays were in the closet then we should return to the Progressive Income Tax of that era which was 91%! Yes 91% and we still had millionaires! –  Amazing!

The bottom line on Obama’s wheeling and dealing:

Gays get to die for this country while the rich get to keep more of their war profits!  And concerning Bush never finishing his National Guard enlistment: Why “DON’T ASK –  DON’T TELL”!

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