News Media Biases Against Democrats

Well you might be surprised to learn that Senator Joe Biden is alive and well! The way the mainstream news media has been tamed into a wimpy puppy dog at Sarah Palin’s feet! If they so much as dare bring up her false statements about the “Bridge To No Where” this party of whiners then say the news media is being unfair to them!

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The time has come for Democrats not to simply forcefully respond to Republican BS but to go on the offensive and list instances of Pro-Republican news media biases! Yes Virginia there is a Joe Biden and he is alive and well. But the way the news media has been so contrite to Alaskan Independence Party friend Sarah Palin you would think Joe Biden had died! Yet the story of Sarah Palin and her ties to the Alaskan Independence Party get pushed off the Pro-Republican news media! Besides rather than finally starting to talk about the economy our nation has been held hostage to The LIPSTICK CONSPIRACY!

Yo John McCain, you can put lipstick on an elephant but it is still an elephant!

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