Dump The Wimp Obama In The Primary

I hope Senator Bernie Sanders or Howard Dean will announce a primary challenge to Obama. My preference is for a Sanders/Dean ticket. But regardless the time has come. Barrack Obama’s worldview does not include the testosterone of wheel chair restricted Franklin Delano Roosevelt! President Obama does not have the guts to go to the American people, as did FDR, and talk about the “Economic Royalists” and the evils of “Organized Money”! Instead Obama is a threat to social security!

In the video above video Cenk Uygur gives an excellent history of Obama the Wimp from the time he took office to now.

Let’s focus on three current key issues where his lack of testosterone poses a threat to the middle class and the progressive agenda:

  1. The reduction in the Progressive Income Tax: The progressive income tax is just reality’s way of saying “hello” to the super rich. What I mean is that we ‘permit” the rich to earn these ridiculous amounts because we don’t want the government to set salaries. But no one really DESERVES to earn millions per year! If you are middle class and have “SELF RESPECT” then you should be annoyed that someone earns over four times your salary and you don’t see a cure for cancer, aids or heart disease! Most earn far more than four times the middle class employee’s salary. Then these effete snobs of privilege don’t even want you to have the meager income you do earn! They off shore not just blue collar jobs but computer programming positions. They prefer to not have an extension of unemployment insurance!
  2. Reduction in the Estate Tax: All of the above arguments apply here as well. In addition this is the land of opportunity –  right? So why not give little Johnny the right to earn his own millions? Our ancestors came to this land because old Europe was blighted with aristocracy!
  3. Reducing Funding For Social Security: Obama touted a payroll tax cut as a victory and as a stimulus. The payroll tax cut does have more stimulus potential then either of the above. But the price is to place social security even more in the red!

Obama The Wimp Vs Franklin Delano Roosevelt

President Obama has fallen right into the Republican trap. When the payroll tax comes to an end he will be forced to choose making social security more insolvent or raising taxes in an election year! The Republicans will then play the young vs the old. All the while wimpy Obama is afraid to play the class warfare card! What a wimp!

Republicans play the race card then the young vs. old card and finally the “gay card”. But Obama is to scared to follow the footsteps of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt by going to the nation and discussing the danger of “economic royalists” and “organized money”. The recent decision of the Supreme Court  gives corporations the right to fund their own political ads that we  pay for by purchasing corporate goods and services! But all we get is a “meow” from Obama! He should have demanded a constitutional amendment to ban all K-Street operations!

Obama is a weakling and an underling for Goldman Sachs. If Bernie Sanders would run in a primary and loose against Obama, I believe Senator Sanders should mount a third party bid for the Presidency in 2012!

Can you imagine Obama being confronted by Republicans when he needs to restore the payroll tax to save Social Security? He could fund it by returning the Progressive Income Tax back to the days of President Eisenhower when it was 91%! But no instead the wimp Obama will say “cannot we compromise on social security? Maybe raise the retirement age to 72? Obama is a pussy! I would not vote for Obama even if Sanders lost the primary!

Do you think President Franklin Delano Roosevelt would act the way Obama has? FDR believed in a “Second Bill of Rights“! Obama believes in borrowing from China to finance tax cuts for the rich!

Want to destroy “Change We Can Believe In”? Then Re-elect Barrack Obama in 2012! HELL NO!

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