Imagine If We Had Privatized Social Security

Well Monday the stock market fell 504 points! Thank God this nation did not allow it’s citizens to remove funds from Social Security to place in “Private Investment Accounts” as John McCain and his fellow traveler George Bush wanted! Certainly it is good to take disposable extra income and invest it. But that presumes one will at least have the “pittance” that is provided by Social Security.

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John McCain and his fellow traveler George Bush are waging “Psychological Warfare” against the Middle Class. They want your pittance to be a means by which you can then “identity” with the upper class so that their licentious tax cuts for capital gains and corporations can be maintained! In light of the current stock market collapse can you imagine what would have happened if America’s Silent Majority had allowed McCain and friends to have their way? In the video below McCain tries to say that he is not for privatization of Social Security! Instead he wants just the young to remove their money!

Yet Social Security is a “social contract” between the generations! It has assisted in the reduction in size of the American family! This size reduction has contributed greatly to the rise of the American Middle Class! The reason the stock market took such a hit recently was due to the housing slump! That was caused by greedy banking and loan companies trying to over loan money to those who were sub-prime then expecting society to preserve their profits. Combine this with rising interest rates due to the Republican wild eyed SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT in Iraq, how can you expect anything else? Hell what do you expect when they change our “mission” in Iraq from “Mission Accomplished” to remaining on a thirteen hundred year old fault line between Sunni and Shiite! This from an administration that does not even know the difference! What happened to the budget surplus under Bill Clinton!

Oh but the pro-conservative national news media would rather we focus on such highly important issues as “LIPSTICK ON A PIG“! Gee you would think Joe Biden had died the way the news media ignores him!

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One economist whom I heard on the Bill Moyer’s show termed this, “the privatisation of profits with the socialization of risks”! Clearly these 21st century Collectives (corporations) which Americans must be a part of, don’t give a krap about the society that gave them succor, incorporation and profits!

Perhaps instead of calender marking how many days we have to work per year till we finish paying our taxes, we should instead have every employee in a company receive a notice how many days he would have to work to equal one day of the compensation of the corporation’s CEO! The time has come for America’s vast Silent Majority – our great Middle Class, to say “NO” to these effete snobs of corporate America who want us to subvert our CLASS INTEREST to the service of the Corporate Collective and it’s 2% ownership class! We are witnessing the rise of MIDDLE CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS! No amount of lip stick on a pig is going to make the pig any less of a pig!

The time for change has come!

Stand Up For the SILENT MAJORITY – our great Middle Class!


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