Imagine Barrack Obama In A Hostage Situation

If you want to kill “Change We Can Believe In” then continue to support Barrack Obama and his “Audacity Of Impotency”! Did you hear his justification for giving the wealthy top 2% a continuation of their tax breaks? Obama said that in a hostage situation you don’t want to give in! But in this case Obama said he had to because the American middle class was being held hostage by the Republicans and the hostages would be hurt!

Excuse me Mr.President but that is the very definition of a hostage situation! This proves what I said about Barrack Obama in a prior post. He is not only a danger to the Progressive Agenda but also to our nation! Imagine what foreign leaders are saying concerning Obama’s resolve in a confrontational situation?

How would Barrack Obama React To A Hostage Situation

  • Imagine the Iranian hostage situation repeated? What if they were to hurt our hostages?
  • Imagine China, with her storehouse of American IOU’s holding our economy hostage if we should press for “fair trade” or push for the return of American jobs.!
  • Imagine the Republicans holding our economy hostage by refusing to authorize an increase in the national debt. If we default our nation’s credit would be wiped out. Obama brings us closer to brinkmanship by his weakened credibility to not blink!
  • Imagine North Korea threatening to attack South Korea! Our troops in South Korea constitute a “trip wire”. The “trip wire” strategy works as long as the enemy perceives us as not willing to blink! Since we would be overrun the enemy knows we would stop this by using “tactical nuclear weapons”. This is the same strategy we used against the Soviets in Western Europe.

If we did not use the “trip wire” strategy then we would have to field a much larger army in both Soviet era western Europe and present day South Korea! Below Keith Olbermann goes ballistic concerning Obama’s Audacity of Impotency!

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If you remember under President Clinton the Republicans tried to shut the government down. Bill Clinton would not blink and the Republicans had to give in.

Currently many Republicans felt they should have fought harder in their fight with Clinton. Now with President Obama and his weakened perception of credibility in a showdown, the Republicans may actually hold the nation and the world economy “hostage” when the debt ceiling vote comes up!

By not standing up to the bully and instead having a daily reading of Dale Carnegie’s  “How To Win Friends And Influence People”, President Obama is inviting the Republicans to hold our economy “hostage”! Not to mention the damage he is doing to our foreign policy!

Obama just doesn’t realize that Republicans don’t play by “Dale Carnegie“ rules they play by rules of “Andrew Carnegie”!

This is not “Change We Can Believe In” but Barrack Obama’s AUDACITY OF IMPOTENCY! Vote for  Bernie Sanders for President in 2012 and Howard Dean For Vice President!

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