Rush Limbaugh: Poor Should Not Vote

President Franklin D Roosevelt said “necessitous men are not free men”! President Roosevelt advocated a “Second Bill Of Rights” to the Constitution that would guarantee citizens the right to gainful employment! Today unemployment rose to 9.8%. That means at least 9.8% of Americans are not free! That does not include those who are working substitute jobs or those who “fear” for their job!

Republicans however believe that “individual freedom” should be subjugated to the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE! We hear these effete snobs of privilege whining that American middle class employees should “compete” with the slave labor of China and third world nations while they collect the dividend checks!

But now their audacity goes even further! Rush Limbaugh wants to deny the poor the right to vote! (See video below)

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Where is the Democratic Party rage at Rush Limbaugh? When will Democrats stop “playing progressive” inside the confines of their corporate contributors imposed “sandbox”?

Obama Needs To Study President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Ask yourself how FDR would treat the following compared to Barrack Obama!

  • The unemployment rate has gone up and where is the RAGE from Democrats?
  • Republicans want to deny unemployment insurance payments right before Christmas! Where is Obama? He is in Afghanistan!
  • Republicans want to extend tax cuts to the rich while more American white collar and blue collar jobs get off shored! Where are the Democrats?

Democrats should study President Franklin Roosevelt. I suggest you listen to the clip on the top of this page! That is what a REAL Democrat should sound like. Instead we have a wimp for a President! Barrack Obama must go! He is going to drive every young voter into the closet and out of the voting booth for a generation!

For God’s sake why cannot Democrats go on the attack with this statement by Rush Limbaugh? We need a new “Progressive or Social Democrat” Party.

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