More Progressives See Obama As A Loser

For the sake of “Change We Can Believe In” the Democratic Party must tell Barrack Obama to go and take a walk in 2012! At this point I don’t give a krap about the way Republicans are acting. I expect that. The issue is the weak pathetic response by our President and the Democratic Party leadership. My God if our President cannot find the guts to attack the Republicans on tax breaks to the rich and fighting for extensions of unemployment insurance then we might as well just fold up our party!

I don’t care now if Barrack Obama has been falsely accused of being a(n):

  1. Socialist
  2. Elitist
  3. Muslim
  4. Atheist
  5. Low intelligence community organizer
  6. Author of death panels
  7. anti-Christ
  8. Non-American

All of the above are wrong but one negative label should be added as it is true! President Obama is a damn wimp! Yes “wimp”. Progressives organizations and MSNBC liberal cheerleaders are now joining me in this assessment! I actually ENJOY when Obama is called one of the above!

Anyone who continues to allow the bullies to attack and doesn’t realize he “had” the majority of Americans behind him DESERVES to be ridiculed. The problem is that Obama is so turning off the idealistic young and others who ventured out to vote in 2008 for him that he may send them back into the closet for decades!

This may be the legacy of Barrack Obama! The time has come for him to be challenged. Not by Hillary Clinton (our beloved lady of NAFTA) but by a real Democrat like Bernie Sanders or Howard Dean. Yes I realize Bernie Sanders is not formally a Democrat but he is a member of the Democratic Senate Caucus!

BoldProgressives.Org has placed an ad that shows they place “Change We Can Believe In” above loyalty to Obama! (See ad below)

At this point even if Obama went on the offensive, the very sight of him makes me want to puke! When I say “go on the offensive” I don’t mean a one news cycle slap on the wrist to Republicans! I mean all out CLASS WARFARE!

I am fed up with Democrats who “play progressive” inside the boundaries of the “corporate sandbox”. They do push some liberal ideas but they always look over their shoulders to not alienate their corporate sponsors! Senator Charles Schumer is a good example! We need to return to the tactics of President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt! We need to talk to America about the “economic royalists” and the need for a “Second Bill Of Rights”! As FDR said if you act from necessity then you are not free! If Democrats cannot stand up against tax cuts for the rich and to support the unemployed then we should be called “Corpocrats”! is a late bloomer in the Progressive realization that Obama is indeed a wimp! See their sugar coated ad below.

I just love www.MoveOn.Org use of folksy begging of Obama to man up for “Change We Can Believe In”! I am a member of MoveOn.Org! I don’t blame them for taking time to realize Obama is a wimp. But the time has come to face up to it and “move on”.

Senator Bernie Sanders For President

Howard Dean For Vice President!

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