Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell: Bush Not Completing His Military Duty

While Gays wait to see if they will be able to serve this nation in the open, how come Democrats “Don’t Ask” about the second President Bush’s Air National Guard service record completion?  Bush doesn’t tell about it! He speaks somewhat about it but cannot account for his absence. The length of time he did not attend meetings would get anyone else activated for regular duty! Amazing! I also served in the Army Reserves! Yes I did not want to go to Vietnam! Seems I was right too! The dominoes haven’t fallen but the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs from America, they seem to have discovered Vietnam! But we will leave that for another post.

Why don’t Democrats have the guts to investigate Bush’s past! This guy sent our troops to die and get maimed but we have a policy of “Don’t Ask” and Bush has a policy of Don’t Tell about his military past. In the video above his commander has no knowledge of Bush. Funny I remember the names of the guys I served with! I can even picture them vividly!

Maybe if the Congressional Republicans and some Democrats could get a testosterone donation from our Gay servicemen they might man up to doing what is right for those who actually want to put themselves in harms way for this nation! But the bleeding hearts for our social betters seem to believe Bush has the right to send thousands to their death and dismemberment but not risk even weekend duty himself!

What is worse is that President Obama, an African American, should “ask” the military what they think! Harry Truman didn’t give a krap. President Truman didn’t care. He just did the right thing by executive order. By doing what was unpopular he made it possible for Barrack Obama to be President!

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