Labor Day – As Republicans Sing Corporate Internationale

This Labor Day while loyal American workers forsake the traditional world wide Labor Day of May 1st, the Republicans and their fellow travelers place their CLASS INTEREST above their loyalty to the nation that gave them succor, incorporation, profit and birth!

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In this era of licentious permissiveness when the word “responsibility” to the nation that gave corporations birth and profits is perceived as a bad word, loyal American workers celebrate “Labor Day”. That is American Labor Day! Meanwhile Halliburton has moved it’s corporate headquarters to Dubai, many others forsake their responsibility by opening mock headquarters on remote Caribbean Islands to avoid paying taxes to the nation that made it possible for them to collect their corporate profits! While American workers place the national interest over class interest by rejecting May Day as their labor day, the Republicans sing their “corporate INTERNATIONALE”! They shed their “American identity” to now self style themselves as “Multinational”! No doubt when China becomes a military threat to us they will rediscover their American Identity when their assets are seized by Beijing and there are new corporate profits to be made building up our military after they betrayed it!

Many here in America will tell us not to buy gasoline from Citco as it has ties to a Venezuela’s President Chavez! I reject this arguement!

Why can someone who is far wealthier than I am be allowed to invest in Venezuela or any other enemy of America and gain a profit while I should be expected to pay higher for gasoline in order not to finance Chavez! What about those who are investing and making profits investing in China and/or Vietnam?

You know Vietnam the nation which was supposed to be our eternal enemy? I would support bans on investments to nations that are our enemies AND a ban from buying their products! But don’t expect some middle class citizen to do something that a corporation is not willing to do!

We need to stop buying from and investing in our enemies. This is where the government comes in by enacting a social contract! I do not hold all corporations liable as some have to engage in bad practices to survive! That is why we need a strong referee- that being the government! Without it we have an atmosphere of licentious permissiveness where bad behavior drives out good behavior!

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Let me make several things clear:

  • No one denies the right of anyone to be rich! Far from it. The Kennedy’s are rich and no Democrat or liberal denies them their wealth!
  • Because of this era of Republican induced LICENTIOUS PERMISSIVENESS those corporations that follow a patriotic social contract with our society are punished since their correct practices cannot compete with SLAVE LABOR from abroad! These corporations must be protected!

America’s Silent Majority, our great Middle Class, witness the constant off shoring of American jobs. Not just blue collar jobs but white collar technical jobs as well! Our advanced technology is being spread from our shores without regard to how it will effect our national defense! The issue is not National Security but “Portfolio Security” and the allegiance of some (not all) in America’s Corporate Class is their fellows in the upper class of other society’s not to America!

This individual would like nothing better than to start my own computer consulting business but I need medical insurance! Why cannot Americans have Universal Health Care like every other civilized west European nation? The issue for myself and other technology workers is FREEDOM! That is to say FREEDOM FROM corporate collectivization!

In the 21st Century when the power of government is reduced it does not translate into increased freedom for the citizen! The CORPORATE BULLY fills in the vacuum! When corporations can make contributions to political candidates and causes they collect that money either from their workers in the form of reduced wages of from the consumer via increased prices! I have no problem with the CEO of a company taking money out of his own wallet to finance his political interests but not when he takes it from my wallet! Actually I even resent it if he goes overboard from his wallet because that makes his citizenship more viable than the average member of the Silent Majority!

On this Labor Day let us pause to remember that this is not just a day for blue collar union members but for all members of the Silent Majority, Americas great Middle Class! Technology jobs are being outsourced and soon accounting and financial occupations will follow according to the Wall Street Journal in an article published in March 2007!

Instead of looking at how many days in the year we work before we pay off our social contract perhaps we should pay attention to how many days we have to work before we reach the same level of CEO pay for one day’s work!  The issue is NOT wealth! The issue is wealth without responsibility to the nation that made that wealth possible!

America’s Silent Majority demands:



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