Joe Biden – An Excellent Pick

Barrack Obama’s choice of Senator Joe Biden is an excellent step in standing up to the Republican smear machine! While Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid continue to play the game of appeasement to George Bush and his fellow travelers, it is refreshing to watch Joe Biden go on the offensive and correctly link John McCain with George Bush! I have heard from both Republican friends and relatives that Barrack Obama and Joe Biden are rich therefore they are being hypocrites in making fun of McCain’s lapse of memory concerning how many houses he owns! Let’s get something straight.

Democrats and liberals have no problem with people becoming rich! Hell Ted Kennedy is rich and no one criticizes him and why should we? The issue isn’t if one is rich the issue is if one is a member of the UNCARING RICH! Senator Biden will be a great “attack dog” for the Democratic ticket and why not in this era of swift boating!

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America’s Silent Majority, our great Middle Class and those who aspire to be, demand an end to this Republican wild eyed Social Engineering Experiment called “free trade”! In this era of licentious permissiveness where corporations move their headquarters to remote Caribbean Islands to avoid the responsibility of paying their fair share of taxes, the BLEEDING HEARTS of the Republican Party whine and wail! They whine and wail while they continue this vast wild eyed social engineering experiment of “Employment Redistribution” via Globalization, Off – Shoring and H1-b to destroy the economic security of the “producers” of America’s wealth, our great Middle Class! But then why should these effete snobs care as most of their income doesn’t come from hard work!

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(The Video Above Refutes McCain’s False Claims About Barrack Obama)

Make no mistake John McCain can win this election. McCain is getting away with tagging Obama as someone who will raise Middle Class taxes! (see the Obama video above which answers this)! Let’s face an inconvenient truth! Many Americans are just plain stupid! Hey I am not running for office and I can speak the truth. One example is that some Americans actually believe Barrack Obama is a Muslim! Didn’t they ever hear about the Pastor Wright controversy? Ok if you don’t like Barrack Obama because of his prior church affiliation at least you’re paying attention to the news and you know he couldn’t be a Muslim. Republicans are playing on some of the population being “informationally challenged”! Don’t count on some Americans to see through this. How else can you explain Obama’s marginal lead over McCain while most also say they are against Bush and believe in most core Democratic Party values?

I joke with some of my friends that there are some Americans who will say we must push the Russians out of “Georgia” as if we do not then they will attack Alabama and South Carolina! But then again that assumes they could even locate the American state of Georgia on a map of the USA, much less the former Soviet Republic of Georgia! Further that even assumes they even know that Georgia was invaded by the Russians!

Americans like someone who will kick ass! You can whine about that all you like but that is the inconvenient truth of American politics! Senator Biden will move Barrack Obama to a more forceful attacking position! Yes sure American’s hate negative ads but they also react to negative ads in the way the Republicans design them to work! So lets take off the gloves. After two years of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid placating George Bush when they were elected to fight him, how can Americans trust the Democratic Party to protect America when they are such WIMPS at even defending their own political interests! Pelosi should have ran hearing after hearing exposing the decision making process that got us into this war and how it is making us loose the war on terrorism! Americans do not want to identify with losers!

The Republican strategy is as follows:

  1. Run smear after smear then when Obama replies forcefully they respond “oh the same old gutter politics”! If he does not then he is a wimp! Either way they win unless the rules of engagement are FORCEFULLY exposed to the American people!
  2. Allow surrogates to run smear campaigns then stay back. Remember how John Kerry was smeared yet no one attacked Bush for his service record in the National Guard!

The time has come for the Silent Majority to stand up and demand the end to privilege without responsibility by corporations that engage in the Social Engineering Experiment of Middle Class wealth redistribution by globalization with themselves being the profiteers! These effete snobs who cannot even keep track of the houses they own must not allow the Middle Class to be deprived of universal health care and a responsive government!

Vote for responsibility!

Say no to the Corporate Collectivists who desire to destroy Middle Class freedom!

Barrack Obama and Joe Biden in 2008!

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