War On Terror Vs Iraqi War

While John McCain and his fellow traveler Joe Lieberman continue to advocate for their Iraqi wild eyed Neo-Con Social Engineering Experiment the SURGE of money making by Al Qaeda continues as huge opium crops fill the coffers of the enemies of America in their Afghan – Pakistani Border homeland! But not to worry even if President Musharraf has resigned in Pakistan and their rogue nuclear scientists with Al Qaeda sympathies want to team up to make a nuclear weapon against the American Homeland! With our rock solid border security and port security why should we worry?

I honestly have to wonder just whose “Homeland” is Senator Joe Lieberman worrying about to defect from the Democratic Party. It certainly isn’t MY HOMELAND – THE GOOD OLE USA! These wild eyed Social Engineering Experts in the Republican Party and their fellow traveler Joe Lieberman remind me of the man who was spotted by the police late at night looking for the keys to his car! When the police asked him where his car was he said “up the road five miles, I stepped out and dropped the keys in the grass now I cannot find them”! The police asked him then why wasn’t he up the road five miles where he lost his keys and looking for them there! The man replied, “But it is night and the street light is broken five miles up the road but down here the light is working so I will look here”!

This is the type of logic that drives us to continue this Republican Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq! Al Qaeda has it’s homeland up the street in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. They are formulating plans to attack our homeland! Why are we involved in this SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT in Iraq? John McCain and his fellow traveler Joe Lieberman say it is to prevent a blood bath in Iraq! Well gosh maybe they haven’t heard about DARFUR! I guess it isn’t a genocide if their skin collar is black!

Big mouth John McCain talks about not leaving till we have a victory. Maybe he didn’t hear “Mission accomplished”! Well his wife recently went to Vietnam! That’s funny I thought the whole world was going to come to an end since we left Vietnam? I guess if corporations can make a profit from opening factories there then it wasn’t a real loss now was it? I would imagine that we should ban corporations from doing business with Vietnam. Well we should not even have to ban them as corporations should boycott Vietnam as it is the patriotic thing to do since we had soldiers lose life and limb and conservatives wanted even more of our troops to do so! Well naturally not George Bush, he had a position created for him in the National Guard and then did not even go to his required meetings!

For those to young to remember let me explain! It’s unpatriotic for a youth not to have gone to Vietnam to loose his life or limb. But it is patriotic for corporations to go to Vietnam to make a profit! In this era of licentious permissiveness the Silent Majority demand an end:

  • When corporations can leave our shores to avoid their responsibility to pay taxes and
  • Deserters can rise to be Commander – In – Chief
  • When the lords of capital can go to Vietnam to make a profit while first telling us it’s fall would be our doom

There comes a time when America’s Silent Majority, our great Middle Class, which has seen it’s wealth in jobs redistributed over the earth while the Corporate Class acts as the real estate agent collecting it’s commission, must rise up and say “NO” to these effete snobs of privilege!




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