Middle Class vs. Corporate Collectivism

In this era of licentious permissiveness where CUT AND RUN Corporations shed their American identity to self style themselves as “Multi-national Corporations“, the bleeding hearts in the Republican Party continue to allow this TRICKLE OUT ECONOMICS while the Corporate Class sings their new found “Globalization CORPORATE CLASS Internationale“! While loyal American employees of these Collectivist giants continue to disdain the International workers labor day of May 1st, the Collectivist Masters have no problem denying their loyalty to the nation that gave them succor, protection, profits and incorporation by placing their corporate head quarters on obscure Caribbean Islands to avoid their lawful “responsibility” of paying taxes. However in this era of Republican permissiveness with a President, who never even completed his National Guard duty, what should we expect of those who enjoy the “privilege” of profits without responsibility! Yes in this era of CUT AND RUN Corporations and a CUT AND RUN President the word “responsibility” is a bad word!

America’s Silent Majority demands that the Middle Class be protected from these pirates of profit! Some corporations may indeed be decent but how can they honestly compete or even survive in a licentious marketplace that is devoid of “responsibility” to the society that sustains it! There is an expression in economics, “bad money chases good money out”! While I would be against Government ownership we must be alert to a market flaw.

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  • Bad corporate behavioral practices drive good behavioral corporate practices out unless protected by a “referee”! That referee being the Government of a Free Society with it’s decision making process uncontaminated by corporate interests!
  • The reduction of Government as “Referee” does not increase freedom for the individual! It increases the freedom of the BULLY! Slowly “MIDDLE CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS” is appearing in our body politic! The Democrats are starting to beat back the Republicans who preach loyalty to the fief of the corporation collective and it’s lord caste!
  • Al Shartpon and Jesse Jackson PC Liberals have been hampering this process but now the Silent Majority is waking up and we will not allow Al Sharpton PC Liberals to push us into an impotence of Middle Class false guilt or the Republicans to define away our class interest to the interests of their constituency!

The Silent Majority is awakening to realize that while some of our manufacturing jobs will go overseas, what good is retraining these employees with computer skills if we are going to off shore even computer jobs and then replace American workers for those that remain with H1-b Visa holders who receive a lower salary! Off shoring is not just a blue collar problem but a white collar issue as well! We must replace free trade with fair trade and punish those CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS! You cannot rely on the public to “buy American” small products when Walmart can under cut the prices of American goods!

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Gosh I don’t hear of any Corporate Executives quitting their jobs to become ditch diggers! They receive more than enough compensation. We put up with the MYTH that they actually earn their extravagant compensation so as to reinforce “innovation”. April 15th is REALTY DAY! With their extravagant compensation and discretionary income they are then able to invest while the average citizen’s financial decision is which credit card company to use! What really should bother Middle Class Americans is that the recent tax rebate was meant for us to “spend” rather than to reduce personal debt!

Spending increases the values of stocks. So what if we have personal debts. The rebate’s philosophy was to put us further into the clutches of the Corporate Collectivists!

American employees are expected to put aside their CLASS INTEREST (oh My God I said a bad word) by spending their tax rebate and building the stock portfolios of the upper class while they laugh at Middle Class Americans for having debts! How dare we ask for Universal Health Care? Let’s put the interests of the Corporate Collective we work for over our own interests! Oh I don’t want Universal Health care, I am more concerned that those with inherited wealth should not have receive less stock dividends! Who cares if I loose my health care when they fire me! The interests of the corporate class come first!

America’s Silent Majority has had enough! The Time Has Come To STAND UP FOR AMERICA AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY!

Barrack Obama For President!

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