I was a John Edwards supporter then switched when Senator Edwards dropped out of the race. Ann Coulter called John Edwards a fag! Well at least we know that is not true! I would vote for John Edwards again say in eight years as he needs some time to rebuild his image. I feel we have to joke about this as it is a human folly. What I find amazing is that Republicans normally don’t screw up their wives but the country instead! I still prefer John Edwards over George Bush any day! Apparently Edwards’ wife knew about it much earlier and forgave him. That is why I am being more humane to him!
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What is going to happen next? Is Ann Coulter going to attack Mrs. Edwards for staying with her husband as did Hillary Clinton? Some will say that Democrats are hippocrites! Somewhat but Republicans are far more! Republicans are the ones who are so preachy about “Family Values”. Remember the family values preachers in the prior decade with the contant barrage of TV preachers cheating on their wives! Not to mention the recent Larry Craig feet taping event in the men’s room!

I guess Republicans fear that red blooded American family men are going to convert to being gay so that is why they want to scare us with the issue of gay marriage! No I am not afraid of Gay Marriage!  I am afraid of the lack of Universal Health Care and CUT AND RUN Corporations taking our nation’s wealth and jobs overseas to avoid the responsibility of paying taxes and paying “responsible” (sorry for the bad word) compensation to both blue and white collar employees!

I am sick and tired of Republican scare tactics! They are attempting to delay the rise of Middle Class Consciousness! Slowly but surely the Silent Majority in this nation are demanding that we have the same rights as citizens of western Europe and not allowing fear tactics to assert our class interests! Strange isn’t it that investors can still make very good money in Western Europe but in America the majority of the elite fear Universal Health Care and Social Responsibility when it comes to job security and compensation to both white and blue collar employees!

Oh yes the Republican conservative way is the “feels good solution”! Profits without responsibilty! If they want to protect the American Family how about Universal Health Care and not shipping jobs overseas? Why not outlaw divorce to protect “Family Values”? Now there is a real scary thought! Well let me leave you with some humor! Below is a phony ad by Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton against John McCain. It follows with a retort by John McCain. Again both are phony.

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(The above video is a joke about what can happen when ad writers go to far.)

This is what can happen if the campaigns get too negative taking stuff out of context! Currently I am studing Saint Augustine. He mentions that we don’t just go out and “choose” to do a major evil act. We make earlier “meta decisions” that affect our latter decisions. That is why “Grace” is needed the same as yesterday. The 12 Step programs are founded on this. An individual can be good in all other areas but there is a folly to human nature! In this John Edwards is following Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. No not an excuse but something for all of us to watch out for.

God Bless Mrs. Edwards and Hillary Clinton for finding the faith to continue on and really demonstrate FAMILY VALUES! F**K those who criticize them for doing so! Oh yes I was critical of Hillary Clinton but only her politics. Now listen to these closing remarks by Ann Coulter and her vision for America on a recent television appearance! I would rather have John Edwards vision for America!

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(The above video is not a joke! This is Ann Coulter raw in her mini-skirt!)

Great work Ann! Nice mini skirt!

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