Barrack Obama Right Again!

Well it seems U.S. officials want our troops to pursue terrorists across the border into their safe haven in Pakistan! I find it amazing that Fox News provides this information without crediting Senator Obama for saying this long ago!  Instead of this wild eyed neo-con Republican SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT in Iraq that was supposed to be self funded by Iraqi Oil revenue, our nation has wasted time and lives while Al Qaeda formulates new attacks against our homeland from their protected homeland in the Pakistan – Afghan border region! Talk about news media biases! Yes it exist but it is right wing news media biases!

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This reminds me of the story of the police who came to the aid of a motorist on a deserted road late at night. The motorist lost his key. When pressed by the police he told them that he lost his car key a mile up the road but since there is no street light there he decided to search for it a mile further down the road since there it is well lighted with a street lamp!

In this era when our armed forces are commanded by someone who cannot even account for his own completed service record and Al Qaeda operates freely “up the road” where Pakistan does not want to provide a street light, one person stands up and tells the truth and he gets attacked for it! Oh I am sure the bleeding hearts who sanction CUT AND RUN American corporations shedding their American identity with off shore Corporate HQ’s to avoid their responsibility for paying taxes will try to spin this latest development by not giving Barrack Obama credit! As can be seen from the video above Barrack Obama not only advocated this but was criticised for doing so! These are the same fellow travelers of George Bush who talk about supporting our troops but give high price contracts to private militias like Backwater to protect our State Department personnel!

Understandable in that George Bush may falsely believe our troop’s commitment to their duty is the same as his when he skipped his National Guard duty! Thank God our military has a higher sense of duty than Bush! But then again we never had enough troops in Iraq for the Iraqi Social Engineering Experiment that Bush and his fellow travelers want us to engage in while Al Qaeda runs rampant in their homeland on the Pakistan – Afghan border!

America’s Silent Majority, our great Middle Class and those who aspire to be, want this wild eyed inflation producing Republican Social Engineering Experiment to end in Iraq so we can fight the war on terrorism as Senator Obama has proposed!


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